Please help me find the icons I'm looking for

I’m looking for three Icons, all of the same “style”, preferably. I looked on and I cannot find the ones im looking for. I won’t shop at monastery icons either. But I am looking for one icon of Our Lord, one icon of the Blessed Virgin, and one icon of St. Peter the Apostle. I’ve found them of Our Lord, Mary, but I cannot find one of St. Peter by himself, I’ve found them of him and St. Paul, but I’d like a single one of St Peter by himself. If you guys could help me find a good refutable retailer with these icons (and reasonable prices) I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

Holy Transfiguration Monastery has many icons including Saint Peter the Apostle and a second icon of Saint Peter—Deliverance from Prison.

Nelson Gifts is a reputable purveyor of Catholic art (they provided many of the items being sold at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia last year). I know they have icons of Peter, Jesus, and Mary. You’ll have to search around their site to see if they have ones that are complementary.

I have purchased several icons from Legacy Icons. I recommend them.

Try this website:

Isn’t Monastery Icons the one mentioned that should be avoided? I know that I have heard that many times on this forum, but do not remember the reasons.

You might have more luck asking on the Eastern Catholicism forum.

Both Monestary Icons and Skete are best avoided. Not from a quality standpoint but from an organizational history standpoint.

I “second” this suggestion! :thumbsup:

I purchased a beautiful icon of Rublev’s Trinity from them and love it. I also have some of their candles.

Here is a link to some of their icons for Peter.

Thanks SanVicente, I was unaware of this problem.

Do a google image search for icon of St. Peter
When you click on the image, a webpage associate with that image will come up.
There, you will find who sells that particular image and simply contact them.

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