Please help me identify this painting from a movie?

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Please help me identify this painting from a movie called "Angel Eyes"

WARNING: The woman in the movie is using foul language (my apologizes to all)

It is in the background when the little boy and woman opens the door--it is a painting of Jesus and either St. Rose de Lima or St. Catherine of Siena (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Do you know the artist?

Does anybody know where I can find a bigger picture of this painting?

Angel Eyes Painting it is on 7:36 of this video from YouTube

Thank you in advance for your answers

God bless,

It looks like she is holding paint brushes in the scene so I wonder if that is an original that they painted for the movie.

Sorry I can be more help!

Good movie - by the way.

Yep, Jerrysgirl, that’s what I said on the other thread!
It looks like a good movie alright. I must check it out.:slight_smile:

Great minds…!

i really enjoyed this movie!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora ProNobis Peccatoribus!


Any time I see the actor Jim Cavalziel, I am immediately taken back in time to when I first saw ‘The Passion of the Christ’. What an honour for an actor to portray Our Lord!
God Bless,

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