Please help me know!

Hi guys sorry to bother you guys … but one of my friends loves the smell of rubbing alcohol is it a sin if she smells it ? She doesn’t use it to get drugged out she just likes the smell

It causes nausea, vomiting, irritation of the mucous membrane, difficulty breathing and can do permanent harm, plus you do get high sniffing it, so if she’s inhaling it on purpose then she should stop.

If you’re using some on your body or for another purpose, and get a momentary whiff that’s okay.


She probably sounds a bit like me. I like the smell of gasoline. I don’t go to a station and stand by a pump on purpose to have a good whiff. That’s bad for your health. But if we are on the road and I happen to smell it when we are getting gas, I like it. It’s partially a nostalgia thing in that it makes me think of my dad and his lawn mower, or stopping during family road trips in the summer.

I loved the smell of leaded (NOT unleaded) gas as a child. Everybody of my generation did. Also fresh hot mimeo ink, which also contained lead I believe. There was further a grocery store near my house that had a meat case using a particular refrigerant that you could smell coming out of a vent and whatever chemical it contained smelled awesome. I would take a few whiffs of each of these when I got the chance.

The concern with rubbing alcohol is that, unlike leaded gas, hot mimeo ink or refrigerant, people can and do buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol just for purposes of huffing it to get high. One needs to make sure that “enjoying the smell” isn’t an excuse or cover up for a more serious habit.

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