Please help me pray........


for the sexually molested and raped throughout the world, with special emphasis on my cousin’s family. I talked with my cousin the other day and have found at that her 11 year old “step-son” (who hates her guts) has been raping her 5 year old daughter and molesting the other children, both boys and girls who are younger than their 5 years old. I beg of God’s mercy on these children so that they do not end up with emotional and mental damages that could continue a vicious and sinful cycle! God help them all! Please pray for these poor, innocent children of our LORD, please!


Such terrible pain in the world - it’s almost too difficult to hear.

Your cousin’s family will be remembered in my prayers.


Please get them to a Catholic Counselor/ priest as soon as possible! How awful for everyone involved. Rape is not a sex crime as much as it is about control and respect. This boy is particularly in torment, I am not defending him, just pointing out how troubled he must be to do this to the little ones. And oh the little ones, to learn that this is not a secure place.

You are all in my prayers!


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