Please help me win this battle

I love the Lord I want to dedicate my life in serving him, but I need help to stop these sins. I am just giving in to easily to the flesh. Masturbation, porn, lust, I want it to stop. Its so difficult to resist. Please what should I do. I go to an all guy Catholic school, and it does get lonely, not having a girlfriend and all. If anyone can help me and pray for me. Thanks.

I suggest you not focus so much on these sins and get busy serving God. You’re human. You’ll fight lust your entire life. That’s a basic function of our mating instinct. Just work harder to control your urges, and not be governed by them. At the same time, however, don’t expect them to ever go away completely. That’s life. Thoughts don’t define us, but actions can and do.:slight_smile:

Keep in mind too that having a girlfriend won’t make those urges go away, just make more serious sin and consequences that much more readily available!

You’ve got the rest of your life to have a female companion; don’t be distraught. I didn’t have a girlfriend until senior year of college, and struggled with some of the same things.

When you feel like you’re “losing the battle”…no joke…there’s nothing like a cold shower to get your mind off…well, you know.

You’ll lose some battles, sure, win others. But it’s a lifelong struggle to win the war and be a faithful soldier. Pray for strength, it’ll be there for ya. :thumbsup:

God Bless you for wanting to free yourself from sin! Everyone here can understand the struggle of overcoming or battleling sin. Sins of the flesh are difficult…but not impossible to overcome…You Love The Lord and want to please Him…so BELIEVE He will help you and comfort you with His mercy when you confess your sins with a contrite heart. I had periods in my life when I was just dead in sin…I felt like I would never overcome them…but I found strength and healing in Our Lord’s mercy and I got some great advice which I will share with you…

If it is possible…after you are in a state of grace, receive Holy Communion daily. I got this advice years before I acted on it and I wish I took this advice immediately! I was also advised to go to confession frequently with receiving daily to strenghten myself to overcome my sins. The third piece of advice was the daily recitation of the Rosary and specifically asking Mary to help me battle against impurity…Mary promises to help us in our struggles…so take her up on it!! I did and I will be eternally thankful for her assistance!!

Do Not become discouraged if you don’t succeed overnight…It can take time…but I can tell you from my experience…I DID succeed and overcame all sins against purity! I am still a sinner, but no longer dead in sin! I am going to pray for you and I hope my advice can help you!

Reading your post made me remember how far I’ve come…but only with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary…we can’t do it alone, so God helps us when we submit to His mercy. Good Luck and many prayers coming your way! :slight_smile:

Hello! First off, the evil one knows your weaknesses. You notice that he always sends temptations that cater to those exact weaknesses? There are certain things,such as sights, sounds, places, thoughts, etc. that trigger your behavior. Search out and locate those triggers. Then, one by one, remove them - the simplest first, followed by those more difficult.

Since your very soul is at stake, make major changes since that’s what you need. Cleanse your computer’s hard drive. Block the sites that are trouble. Make another person the administrator and have them do the blocking, so that you cannot undo it. Sexy images pop up on every site, even news pages. Train yourself not to look at them. You know who’s behind them. See beauty. Think Satan.

Trash magazines, movies, posters and all images that tempt you. Keep busier with good activities, and do not engage in fantasies or other mental gymnastics to get around focusing on moral thoughts. Nearly every action has its origin in a thought process. Lustful thoughts, once entertained, need an outlet, and sin is their only satisfaction. So, avoid lustful thoughts. Look at the faces of others, and not the rest of them. Train yourself to look only into their eyes.

Stop watching TV. It is a prime provider of near occasions of sin. We are in a sex-saturated society, and you are bombarded with it all day, every day. Any wonder there is so much sexual sin occurring? How much better to read scripture and uplifting books pertaining to the Catholic faith. Listen to Catholic radio - it changed and improved my knowledge and faith immeasurably. You feel good and clean when listening to Catholic radio.

Consider God’s purpose in making man a sexual being. The sex drive, even your body structure, is designed for a specific, and moral purpose. A Godly purpose. Consider: your car is designed for safe transportation. You may choose, through yielding to temptation, to run over someone you dislike. That is a disordered use of your car. In like manner, sexual sin is a disordered use of your body. You sin against God, against yourself, as well as against those you love, as you are living a lie in front of them.

If this sounds like your room will become rather empty, know that you cannot live in a moral garbage dump and smell like a rose.

Always remember that this conversion is a process. I remind those who are fighting temptation that, when they were one year old, they often fell when the were learning to walk. However, they did not remain there on the floor! They got back up and trid again. Since God also knows your weakness, He will work with you, day by day, as you progress.

Do not beat yourself up if you fail. The world will beat you up for a number of reasons, so don’t do it to yourself.

First: Remove the triggers.

Christ’s peace.

Christopher West has a CD out on ateugling with impurity

You really should google it

It is a great place to start it has help me alot

Pray the rosary or divine mercy chaplet in bed.
Keep right on praying it until you fall asleep.

Wear a medal(s), crucifix, scapular or something else around your neck. Make sure that it is heavy enough that you notice it there during the day.

Carry a crucifix and/or holy card in your pocket.
Repeat this short prayer during the day.
O my God I will continue to perform All my Actions for the Love of Thee Amen.

In today’s society we often cannot control what crosses our field of vision. All we can do is try to control how we process what enters.
Is pornography met with a desire to see more, or a prayer for those trapped in this evil web.
Are “dirty Jokes” met with laughter, or ignored to the best of our ability.
ARe provocitively dressed women in person or ads a source of greedy desire, an occasion of sin, or are they lost souls in need of prayer.
Also remember that we cannot always control our physical responses to certain stimuli. We can only control how we react intellectually.

May God be ever with you in your struggle.


Read these two books by Carmen Marcoux:

Arms of Love

I had these struggles too and I still do have them to a certain extent. But my masturbation stopped dead in its tracks. These books work.

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