Please Help Me!!!!!

Okay i know that receiving eucharist in the state of a mortal sin is a mortal sin (sacrilige), and two times I’ve done it, but one time I only thought I was in a state of mortal sin, when I wasn’t and well the other time I don’t think I was either, but I still thought I was.
Anyway, I’ve confessed that at Reconciliation and feel better about it. However, when I did do it those two times I did it because it was at a school mass & a school retreat and I didn’t want to, but I didn’t know what to do. If I just sat there my teacher would ask me why I’m doing that and tell me to get up and receive, and I didn’t want anyone to know about my mortal sin, so I received.
I felt really bad and guilty about doing it and thought I could just confess it afterwards (I was planning to go after mass, and yes I know NOW that I shouldn’t do that because that’s presumption).
And just about 3 days ago, I received Reconciliation and confessed every sin I’ve ever done that I can remember (including presumption and receiving eucharist in the state of a mortal sin). But then someone said that being truly sorry for your sins means that if you could do the situation over again and choose not to do it, that means you’re sorry. I feel really guilty about it and feel bad that I committed it (mostly for imperfect reasons), but if I had a choice to do it over, would I??? Probably not because I would still feel pressured and don’t want anyone to find out about my mortal sin that I did a while ago. But if I committed a mortal sin, I probably would tell my mom and get Reconciliation BEFORE next Sunday or just sit out from getting it (whether I lie or not cuz doing a venial sin of lying is better than doing a mortal sin), its just that I don’t want anyone to find out about that one mortal sin I did along time ago. So if I had the chance to do it over again, I don’t know if I would have the strength to; however, I might be able to, but I don’t know…:frowning:
So then would that count for being sorry if I felt bad and guilty that I ever did it, but don’t know if I would have the strength to do it over again and refuse???

Please help me, I’m so confused!!!

You need to make a commitment that you will not receive Communion if you are not in the state of grace. Period. Don’t worry about what some teacher says or anyone else, it isn’t their business and they shouldn’t ask. If they do say something tell them it isn’t any of their business and that it is inappropriate to make such an inquiry. Make a prayer of spiritual communion instead.

Calm down my friend, you’re going to be fine. :slight_smile: I’m not going to condone any form of sinning and say that it’s okay, it isn’t, but you’re obviously trying to change your outlook and that’s a very good thing! The fact that your contrition isn’t perfect shouldn’t be too big a stresser either. Sure, you want to develope your relationship with God to the point where you are no longer so much concerned with heaven and hell, than with simply pleasing God, but it’s a process and will take time. Just keep trying the best you can, be brave, and Don’t give up! :thumbsup:

ok thanks, but would I be forgiven when I confessed it about 3 days ago???
I mean now I’ve made a commitment to not receive if I have a mortal sin. I feel bad and guilty about receiving when i was in a state of mortal sin, but like I said if I had a choice to do it over again…I don’t know if I could, because I’m REALLY ashamed of ever having done that other mortal sin and know i would never do it if i had the chance to do it over again. the only question is about receiving… i dont know if i could resist, i mean i might be able to resist. Its just that I always thought that since I was going to go to confession afterwards, I would just confess it then (now I know not to).
And like i said i would not receive NOW, its just i dont know if i could THEN.
so then would i be forgiven??


Here is one of my favorite stories about a saint who was regularly visited by the Sacred Heart. When she told her confessor (also a saint) about the visitations, he was skeptical. So he gave her a test. He told her “the next time you are visited by the Sacred Heart, ask Him to tell you what the last mortal was that I, your priest, confessed.” The following month, the priest asked this saint if she asked the Sacred Heart the “test” question, and she replied that she did indeed ask. The priest asked “What did the Sacred Heart tell you my last mortal sin was?” The saint said that Sacred Heart replied “I do not remember…” That is how the priest validated that she was indeed being visited by Christ. A forgiven sin is a forgotten sin. The one mortal sin you did a long time ago is forgotten when forgiven.

Moral of the story is that you cannot be scrupulous about what you previously confessed. The words of absolution are “I absolve you of ALL of your sins …” Pray for the grace to never commit a mortal or venial sin again. Do not ponder about whether your sorrow is sorrowful enough. That is the devil trying to keep you in darkness. Our Lord will know if you are sincere in your desire to sin no more and He will hep you with graces if you turn to Him. We are all sinners, my young friend, ALL of us! You are no different, just younger. Learn to ask for the protection of St. Michael the Archangel in the times of temptation and when you do fall, seek out a priest as soon as possible.

And never feel pressured or bullied into receiving a sacrilegious Eucharist again. Tell your teacher, or parent that you are not prepared and be firm.

So I’m guessing by all the answers that i guess i’m ok??
sorry, its just that im VERY scrupulous (think thats how u spell it) and worry about EVERYTHING until i hear/read sumthing that says its not a sin
So can someone please just say if im ok and worrying about nothing. I guess ive gotten 2 posts saying im fine and 1 saying ive got nothing to worry about, its just that i need some more to calm myself down.
so would i be REALLY and TRULY be sorry because i felt bad and guilty about it and probably wont ever do it again intentionally with full knowledge im in sin, but dont know if i could do it over again i wont do it???
please help!
and i am sorry for being annoying and scrupulous about this!

You are confusing “being sorry” with “being forgiven”. The fact that you feel bad and guilty and are resolved to try and not sin again is what is needed for true contrition.

You are OK. Get yourself to confession every two weeks, even if you only have venial sins to confess. The grace will help you enormously.

Even if someone held a gun to my head and threatened to kill me, I would not receive Holy Communion in a state of Mortal sin…it is one of the biggest sacriliges you can committ…try to keep that in mind for the future. Don’t worry ever, what anyone may think of you for not receiving…if you haven’t gone to confession, then don’t go to Communion…PERIOD. I know it is harder now a days, because everyone at Mass (almost everyone) goes to Communion now and probably less than 5% of them have even been to confession in the last few months…but don’t let that peer pressure you into doing something you know is wrong. You only have to please God…not your teacher or your friends…Good luck in the future and God Bless

I agree with guiseppe. If you went to confession, confessed all of your mortal sins and had contrition for them, then you are ok and should not continue to dwell on your past sins. Look to the future and be optimistic about how you will now be able to resist temptation in the future and will not fall into the same sins again. If you are still conflicted about this issue you should go talk to your priest. Possibly even refrain from Communion if you aren’t sure.

As giuseppe TO says ," We are ALL sinners" and as judechild says CB, “Don’t give up.”

You appear to set your goals high - mostly that’s a quality. When we do this, sometimes God will let us experience our own helplessness, so we can learn to rely on his grace. So if we fall, we have to be careful not to become too discouraged. His Mercy is always there, and according to what Jesus told St. Faustina, it is His greatest attribute:
God hasn’t stopped loving you. He has a plan just for you…and He is VERRRY patient :slight_smile: .

If you sometimes feel your sorrow for your sin is a little less than perfect, never let that stop you from going to confession if you feel the need. Imperfect contrition is called attrition and it is also a gift from God … and it is certainly “enough” if you wish to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. It is a scrament of healing, and believe me we’re all “wounded”.

From this link on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

**Contrition **
1451 Among the penitent’s acts contrition occupies first place. Contrition is “sorrow of the soul and detestation for the sin committed, together with the resolution not to sin again.”

1452 When it arises from a love by which God is loved above all else, contrition is called “perfect” (contrition of charity). Such contrition remits venial sins; it also obtains forgiveness of mortal sins if it includes the firm resolution to have recourse to sacramental confession as soon as possible.

1453 The contrition called “imperfect” (or “attrition”) is also a gift of God, a prompting of the Holy Spirit. It is born of the consideration of sin’s ugliness or the fear of eternal damnation and the other penalties threatening the sinner (contrition of fear). Such a stirring of conscience can initiate an interior process which, under the prompting of grace, will be brought to completion by sacramental absolution. By itself however, imperfect contrition cannot obtain the forgiveness of grave sins, but it disposes one to obtain forgiveness in the sacrament of Penance.

In my life I’ve had to (“sit out”) refrain from receiving Holy Communion at Mass more than I pray you ever have to . That pew or seat can be a pretty lonely place when it seems everyone else is going up to receive Holy Communion. It can also be a vantage point for deep reflection and we always seem to get a dose of humility in those situations…don’t we ?

If you happen to get caught in that situation, you could always thank God that you still have the desire to receive, even though circumstances prevent you from doing so at that moment (because , where would any of us be today if we no longer had the desire to receive Holy Communion?) .

Another thing I used to recall from time time to time was that although I felt I was being deprived,under those circumstances, my refraining from receiving Holy Communion was as much an expression of my respect and appreciation of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as it was a recognition of my own current spiritual state. Jesus will never remain indifferent to that type of affection.

God bless you bro.

This is good advice. Many, many years ago, I was scrupulous just like you. Finally after seven or eight years of misery , worrying, and going to confession at least once a week, I told my confessor that I was scrupulous and needed help. His recommendation was to confess to no one else but him and to follow his advice to the letter. It took a while, but finally I learned not to beat myself up and to avoid the pit of scrupulosity. Try to find a priest who will work with you on this and stick with him. :thumbsup::slight_smile:

That is a great resource for scrupulous people

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