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i find myself in a pretty difficult situation. well, a couple days ago, thursday i think, someone texted my gf while she was in class, telling her that i was at my friend katies house. but i honestly wasnt. i was at home playing video games. but, as my luck would have it, my phone decided to stop working. so here i was, just playing star wars, waiting for my gf to call me, not knowing that the call would never go through. i realized it was like 725, and tried to use my fone. it was at that point that i realized my fone wasnt on, it was just frozen. well, my gf gets out of class at 715 and had been trying to get a hold of me. so when my mom got home at about 730, i used her phone to call my gf. but, she was thoroughly convinced that i was at katies. we were starting to get over it, until today, completely oblivious to all this drama, katie called me asking me about homework. that set it off again and this time im obviously not sure i can fix it. i wish i knew who was trying to destroy my life…that may seem a little to serious as im only 16…but i love my gf and i just wish people would leave me alone…:frowning:


Young one,

Relationships are never smooth you have to work for it, that being said I am not going to patronize you by saying your way to young to be having a seriouse relationship. Listen this whole thing boils down to an issue of trust. She will either trust you or not however if katie is an ex girlfriend then she needs to understand it is over stop calling especialy if you want that trust with your girlfriend it is all a part of working for it. However if katie is just a friend then your girlfriend needs to respect that especialy if you have not given her a reason to doubt you (going to katies house alone). As for the text messages I would ask your girlfriend who sent the message and if she does not know first ask why she believed it then do a reverse phone look up you should be able to find out who it was by that but either way does it realy matter? If you both trust each other then both of you need to let it go and stop letting who ever it is get under your skin.


Relax, you will be Ok, she will be Ok. Needless to say this prbably is not the person you are going to marry so learn your lessons about relationships from it and enjoy the friendships that you make along the way. Pray for the person that is doing this to you.


I don’t know the background of you, your girlfriend and this friend Katie. I am guessing you are young… so in all likelihood, you will probably not be spending the rest of your life with your current girlfriend. I could be wrong.

Two things to consider: Why does it bother your gf that you would have been a friend’s house? Does she have an insecure personality and is often suspicious? Have you done something in the past to make her suspicious?

IF you see yourself marrying your girlfriend, you will have to stop being friends with Katie. Part of being a man is putting your wife first and not leaving room for intimate friendships that make your wife feel threatened.

For now, explain the truth of what happened to your gf, is she insists on not believing you, that may be a cue for you that she is not a rational person. Also, if you are in a situation where you have people texting lies about your whereabouts, maybe you should pursue a new social circle and get away from the drama.


*This may sound…old fashioned, but I just think 16 is young to be super exclusive with one girl. My son is 16, and he personally doesn’t want all the drama right now. Not that all girls bring with them, drama…but he wants to be friends with girls, and he said…when he is in college, he wants to get serious. Not suggesting to you, OP that you end things with your gf…but this is a distraction for you, when you should be concentrating on your grades. Sorry, I sound like your mom, maybe. :blush::o

All of this said, I would just tell your gf that she needs to believe you. If she can’t, then maybe it’s time for you to break up. Trust is key in a relationship. You didn’t do anything wrong. If your gf is jealous at 16, over you having friends that are female, I think that is a red flag. I remember my first love in high school, though. And we thought we were going to marry…now, you two might marry, but if she can’t trust you, I don’t know where you can go from here. I think that you have done all you can…your gf has to decide if she trusts your word. I will pray for you both. *


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