Please help me?


I was diognosed with OCD/anxiety 10 months ago and have been on anti-depressants I’m doing great and I might even be coming off the tablets. The thing is along with OCD/anxiety I had an issue with two of my friends I is my sister and the other is a close male friend. I used to be paranoid when I’d go to bars with them or cinema, shopping etc I’d think they where leaving me out or not involving me in conversations, it even got as bad as me thinking my sister cared more about our friend than she did me and I also had issues with myself being insucure and thinking they were ashamed to be along with me and I was embarrassing and thick for them to be along with cause they are quite intelligent but it was never like that as I have learned it was all in my head.
The problem now is the three of us went away recently for a few days and sadly those thoughts and feelings started coming back! Even silly things for example if we went out for lunch and I went to the toilet and when I came back my sister and friend would be talking I would feel left out or paranoid or they cared more about each other which I know isn’t true. I know this is stupid and I hate feeling this way. It’s kind of like I need some kind of reassurance that I am imagining things and it’s just all in my head. Please help?


Therese, please call your therapist as soon as possible to discuss these thoughts and feelings. They may be an indication that all is not well with your medication and you are in need of additional attention.


In addition to visiting your medical professional, I’d recommend you spend a little more time with Our Lord. Perhaps you might want to start by praying the Rosary one more time per week in addition to what you normally pray. Or perhaps, you might consider finding a church nearby that has Eucharistic Adoration and spend an hour in silent prayer. Sometimes the evil one will prey upon those who are facing psychological challenges. Additional prayer is ALWAYS good! God Bless you and protect you.


I second the thought that you should tell your doctor or therapist. I will pray for you.


Praying to St. Dymphna for your health & recovery. You may want to follow up with your Doctor/Therapist as soon as possible.


A lot of what you are perceiving is not in normal proportion.

Beyond that, I can’t give medical advise on here. You will need to consult with a doctor.


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