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Hey guys and gals. Im having a problem and my priest is out of town so I have no one to talk to this about. I have been having doubts and I hate having doubts. This is no way meant to shake anybodys faith but I need help. So my problem is that lately Ive been having a thought that what if Jesus was a demon or something that was brought about to lead people to believe he is the Son of God and to bring people to believe that He is the Son of God to mislead people. I know it sounds crazy and its really hard for me to type this because I know it must hurt Jesus very deeply to watch me type this but I want to know why am I having these thoughts? I firmly believe with all of my heart that Jesus is the Son of God but I just cant shake this thought from my head. I feel as if Im going to go to hell for typing this message for even questioning Jesus but I just cant get it out of my head. Please someone help me.


So how could Jesus cast out demons if He was one ? didn’t Jesus cast out demons ?

Jesus also said "can one devil cast out another " no my friend, Jesus is the way the truth and the life.


There’s nothing wrong with having legitimate doubts, especially when you act on them by searching for more information to strengthen your faith. I don’t know how to answer your question directly, I’m sure others can, but one thing that immediately came to my mind is what would you do if Jesus really were a demon? To whom would you turn?

I know I would be in despair. If Jesus is a demon I would have no hope. Therefore I place my trust in Jesus.



I don’t think you’re going to hell for having doubts and it’s good that you got them out and are wanting to talk about them.

I’m no theologian, but my take on Jesus’ nature is that it’s the direct opposite of what we would expect from the demonic. Jesus preached love, forgiveness and repentance - even that we should extend these to our enemies - which is the antithesis of evil. Evil wants us to exact revenge and to hate those who do us wrong.

And while it’s true that demons can lie, I don’t think that they’d be willing to suffer the way Jesus did in order to get our souls. Evil is cowardly in that regard. It’ll lie and tell you what you want to hear, but it’s never there for you in the end. Jesus stuck it out to the point of death because of his love for us and for us to be saved.

And there are also verses in which Jesus commanded demons to obey him and they did, which proves that he is master of all.

And lastly, we have testimony that Jesus ascended into heaven, which is also something that demons could not do.

There are some really smart people here, and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you more than I could, but I hope this brings you some level of peace.


I see help me, and I can’t resist… Drew, you say that you know that Jesus in the son of God, and that you know that in your heart. God sees all, and he sees how you are feeling about this. I don’t want to at all belittle the seriousness of how you are feeling, but the HUMAN imagination can come up with anything, and sometimes out of the blue! You have not come up with this intentionally, to offend God, right? You are not believing this idea and acting on it against God, right? God sees the moviations of what we think and do and knows that we don’t always welcome the things that pop in our heads. There are so many influences on our thoughts, not all are good, but God knows your heart. The only advice I have for this is bring it prayer, openly, and honestly. When you are faced with it again, call on Christ right then! He knows when you are doing all you can. I’ll say a prayer for you!
-in Christ- kedera


Im feeling better about the situation. I mean Jesus preached about God and wanted to bring people closer to God and called them to repentance as one of the posters has said and that makes me fell alot better. I know in my heart that Jesus is the Son of God, I just have thoughts like these sometimes and they shake me up a bit. I love Jesus and The Father and The Holy Spirit with all of my heart and dont want to offend them in the least way, that upsets me when I do feel I have offended them and I was very upset while I was writing the original post. Thanks for your help. I love all of you as my brotheres and sisters in Christ. God bless all of you.


When I doubt, reading the Gospels help me.

This sounds simplistic, but pray for faith.

Another thing that helps me is reading about saints. When I read about Padre Pio or Mother Teresa or John Paul the Great or the Cure of Ars, I think, “how can I question when I see Jesus in the life of this person.”

It really helps me.


We all have times of doubt. It’s not a sin. Even Jesus on the cross cried, “Father, why have you abandoned me?” God obviously never abandoned Jesus, but Jesus was having difficult time and felt abandoned.

I once heard a homily where the priest said that a prayer is anytime we talk to God, including those times when we are upset with Him and questioning why He does things the way He does. I thought that was so beautiful, because I :blush: have had my moments when I’ve just had to say “God, what are you doing? Are you trying to mess up my life?” To know that even that can be an important part of our relationship made me feel good.

The same can be done with doubt. Tell God about your doubts, even if they’re about His very existence. He’ll help you.

Every healthy relationship includes arguments. Unfortunately for us, we’re always going to be wrong. :rolleyes: But God understands and He loves us through it all!




I don’t really want to be the devil’s advocate, but…this argument actually fails.


  • Jesus cast out demons.
  • Jesus said, “can one devil cast out another”

Possible solutions:

  1. Jesus is God, all He says is true so demons actually can’t cast out demons.

  2. Jesus is a demon, thus Jesus could lie and claimed demons can’t cast out demons while they really can or while they can just agree to work together.

Basically, if we are investigating if Jesus was a demon then all quotes of Jesus cannot be assumed true as if He were a demon he would be able to lie.

NOTE: I do believe Jesus is God. I just also see this arguement doesn’t work in proving my belief.


I think both of these points fail by using the logic that I used in the post just above. Basically if Jesus were a demon then he lied and tricked people. So, quoting him would not be reliable, and actually it would probably be dangerous and misleading. On the second part about the assention, that would possibly be a diabolical trick played on the authors of scripture, when really he just floated above the clouds or something.

This point however I see as a much more promising line of reasoning.

Here we have to ask: “how would the devil serve his purpose of soeing evil, hate, and destruction by preaching self sacrifice, charity, understanding, love, and adoration of the Father?”

He couldn’t do it. As cunning and sneaky as the devil is, he can’t undermine the Father’s plans by pretending to be God’s son and going about the world teaching God’s love and God’ truth with more perfection and generosity than any prophet that has ever walked the earth before or since. That would be insane.

It would have been like Gen. Patton trying to bring down Hitler and Nazi Germany by dressing up as an SS officer, infiltrating occupied France, and in an incredible PR campaign converting the French populace into rabid Nazis, believing in supporting the 3rd Reich.
It woldn’t work, it isn’t even trying to work. It’s doing exactly the opposite of what was stated as a goal.


Wow, just as I clicked to post my reply, my server dropped out.

Anyway, let me re-enter what I wanted to say.

  1. With the kinds of things you are thinking about, it is really best to speak personally with a priest, any priest even if your own priest is not in town. There are many possible causes of your experience and he is in the best position to help you.

  2. Many of my Catholic friends have explained to me that, the closer we get to Jesus, the more the Enemy tries to stop us. So it could be that the Enemy is taking advantage of your very curious mind. Actually there are three possible causes of things: the World, Heaven, Hell. So quite a lot of territory to cover.

  3. In any case, we all have doubts and strange thoughts at times – fears if you will. When I have mine, I just say the name of Jesus 3 times. Sometimes I go down my list of the names for God too and say the Our Father and any other prayer that comes to mind. Once years ago I was having a night terror from which I could not wake up. I can remember realizing that I was asleep and I said Jesus 3 times and prayed the Our Father in my sleep! I instantly woke up with a feeling of peace.

God bless and if you are still having some worries then why don’t you ask the folks over on the prayer threads to pray constantly for you and why don’t you go to your church and spend some time with the Mostrance?



Sorry was in a hurry. :o
**He raised the dead to life, cured the blind, the deaf hear, he fed the 5000 +

Satan offered Him the things of this earth if He fell down and worshipped him, and ultimately He died on the Cross, and He rose from the dead… DEMON ?**


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