Please help! Urgently need Catholic resources to save a marriage


My cousin and his wife (both of whom are lukewarm Catholics) are having numerous troubles in their marriage. They are now talking about possibly divorcing.:frowning:

I am trying to get them to meet their priest, but I would like to give them other resources too. Can you please recommend Catholic organizations/websites/resources that may help with troubled marriages?


I tried Retrouvaille and it’s saving my marriage.

I know there are many things the CC offers, but Retrouvaille works wonders for people in such situations.

Your cousin and wife are in my prayers.


If one of them is wanting to fight for the marriage, is a very good resource. Though not Catholic in name, there are a lot of Catholics there, and the focus is to try to save the marriage.


Retrouvaille. It works.


The USCCB just created a new website to help couples. It does link to other groups such as Retrouvaille.


Some great books that have helped people I know to save their marriages are: Getting the Love You Need by Dr. Hendrix and If Only He Knew What No Woman Can Resist and For Better of For Best by Gary Smalley.
God bless!!!**


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