Please Help What if my loved ones go to hell?


Sounds like a perfect plan; create a bunch of people that you know will choose to spend eternity in endless torment. /sarcasm



This was my thought as well. OP, you should seek medical treatment even if that means getting your mom to take you for some other reason and then mentioning your struggles to the doctor while you are there.

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Think of it this way, my friend. Suppose God is testing your love through circumstances you deem to be excessively fearful? He may well be bringing you to that Christ-like state of love which you could never otherwise attain.

This tells me you have reached the point where, if possible, you would take upon yourself any punishment due to be meted out to them. This is where God wants your heart. If you are able to work with that, then go forward, loving your family with all the energy you can muster, all the compassion and mercy, all the selfless devotion you are able. This is your evangelization. When you learn to approach all this without fear, then you’ll know you are exactly where God wants you to be. Remaining rooted in fear only freezes us and destroys our ability to think beyond ourselves. Leave the rest of your family to Him. They are in the best of hands. I hope this is somewhat helpful. God bless.



I would urge you to rethink your post after considering whether or not it would help the OP

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Someone once asked Padre Pio why he prayed for the happy death of his great-grandfather who had died many years earlier. He said he could do this because, “for the Lord, the past doesn’t exist; the future doesn’t exist. Everything is an eternal present; those prayers had already been taken into account. And so I repeat that even now, I can pray for the happy death of my great-grandfather.”



I have a son with severe asthma who does not attend Church. Asthma is a chronic disease. The Church says if you were sick you do not have to attend mass. It does not say how sick.
As for your mother she may have made a profession of faith as a child and either doesn’t remember or thinks because she is the mother here that you have no need to know. You dad sounds deeply injured and in need of prayer
I hope this can give you strands of hope to hang onto.
I will pray for your whole family that they may find peace in Christ.

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I suspect your very kind post was meant for the original poster. :slight_smile:

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Lay off your mom. You can gently suggest that maybe she should talk to a priest, but quit hounding her. Crying for hours is childish and is not going to help your mom sort out any religion issues she has. She is an adult and needs to work through this herself. It sounds like there are many very Christian aspects to her life.
Perhaps if there is a priest who knows your family, you could suggest that your mom get together with him, or ask him to gently reach out to your mom.

Pray for your parents. Have Masses said for them if possible.

Focus on whether you yourself might be going to Hell. Put your parents in God’s hands and ask God to have mercy on them. Trust in God. Stop worrying. Padre Pio said to pray, hope and don’t worry.



While we have no way of knowing this, I have devoted myself to praying for my deceased loved ones and am confident that if they do not/ did not already reach Heaven on their own considerable merits, they will do so based on my prayers.


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