Please help with my FEAR of being wrongfully accused & suspected


How do I deal with this fear? I wrote things that I shared with others that had great intentions, but one word was a very poor choice. I knew one word could be taken the wrong way but I basically said to myself, for lack of finding a better word to get my point across, “Hopefully people will know what I’m talking about, and won’t judge me the wrong way”

I’ve been beating myself up over it - because I should of known it may harm some of those I know most finer sentivities. In particular some of the black people I volunteer with who don’t know me too well. What it was was a bunch of poems I left for them to read. I gave them to family & friends who I know are keeping them for years to come and also to those I volunteer with.

Why is it that I feel I have to be so careful with what I say to black people and treat them so delicately? The poor word I used was not a “bad” word, but it could be taken as if I’m hinting that I may be predudice which is no way near being true. Is treating the race issue so delicately a good thing or does it actually do more harm?


And what if you WERE “wrongfully accused and suspected” of anything?

What’s the WORST thing that would happen?

Would it take a dollar out of your pocket, or shorten your life by one day?

If you are wrongfully accused of something, it puts you in very good company. From Jesus on down, people have been falsely accused.

Don’t worry about it.


Continue being everyones friend because your actions will speak for itself. I’m sorry you are so grieved. Offer up your sadness and fears for the souls in purgatory and the end to abortion. When we are at our lowest, our prayers can be at it’s most powerful!


I have been throught he absolute, no joke, most bizarre and freaky false accusations there can be in this society.:whacky: :hypno: I lived it all down by just living it all down. Eventually it looks like the rumormongers realized their defeat had occurred. There are just so many people who know me better than that, and so few of them:shrug: .


There are just so many people who know me better than that, and so few of them

**Quite right.

I’m sure that most of the people who know the original poster think s/he’s a pretty good sort.**


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