Please help with prayer for me and my children and husband


I do not know what to do, after seeing my husband last week , it really upset me. He is very ill and weak. Please pray for him. also My work has gone very slow ( i have my own business) and I am going to the bank today to cash in the roth IRA so I can pay bills. I took most of my savings out this week earlier to pay my rent.
I really need prayers for my business to pick up .
please pray for my energy level to pick up and for my 5 kids.
Thank you.
The visit was great while we were together then it was a big letdown coming back.
I wish I had a husband that could help me. He does not send money and he needs help anyway.
Pray that I continue to do ok on my own . and Pray that God shows me the way clearly.


I am really sorry to hear that, it is such sad news. I will say a prayer for you tonight at mass and over the weekend. I hope things improve for you. Many of us are in the same predicament. Don`t lose faith!


Praying for you.

God bless


prayers promised




Remember that St. Rita was a wife and mother who had a lot to struggle with in her own life, in her marriage and with her children. She is a wonderful patroness, has frequently been a source of help and comfort, I’m sure she would be happy to hear you and to bring your prayers to Our Lord.

Holy Patroness of those in need, St. Rita.
Your pleadings before your Divine Lord are irresistible.
For your lavishness in granting favors,
You have been called the advocate of the hopeless,
And even of the impossible.
You are so humble, so mortified, so patient,
And so compassionate in love for your crucified Jesus,
That you can obtain from Him anything you ask
If it is His Holy Will.
Therefore all confidently have recourse to you
In the hope of comfort or relief.
Be propitious toward your suppliants,
And show your power with God in their behalf.
Be generous with your favors now,
As you have been in so many wonderful cases
for the greater glory of God, the spread of your devotion,
And the consolation of those who trust in you.
We promise, if our petition be granted,
To glorify you by making known your favor,
And to bless you and sing your praises.
Relying then on your merits and power
before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask of you
(here mention your request.)


I too am sad to hear your news. I will remember you in my prayers and at Mass this weekend.

St Jude, please pray for Peaceful Painter and her intentions. May
God be with her and guild her always.


Thanks, everyone and I will pray to st Rita.
I took my IRA acct and put it in checking and am sending a check to a credit card.
we also get ready for school starting this month, cant believe that.
I feel more ok about my husband, as I know God is in charge…
I can be by his side spiritually while he is trying to get better, as I think in small ways he is…
although he does not go to any Professional for help, yet. I do feel I can be by his side while he does get help and when. and I feel I will be able to remember that he is ill and not expect much,.
I think my thing this past week was I was expecting something way too much.
But I will be praying for guidance on that and my ROLE with my husband during the healing.
I was so happy to be near him, I wanted him to echo the romantic feelings I had, and he probably has no energy for that?


Painter, I know St. Rita had a marriage that took her almost until the end of her husband’s life to convert him to a Christian life, so be patient and pray! She is a great advocate for a strong woman like you. But I would also try to maybe make some friends with other married women in your parish, through things like Parish Council of Women, or Pro-Life groups, etc. You are not the only married mother who could use some advice and help from other women of faith struggling to make it.


Thanks, I will do that.
Many will scoff at me even having hope with my husband… yet I know some will be good company and not push either way.
I know my pastor will be good also for me to talk to.


Here is a link to the Shrine in her hometown of Cascia, where she is buried:

I had a good friend who was having problems in her marriage and who found not only the pastor but also the support of other Catholic women to be of great help to you. Oftentimes it is the women that hold the parish together in a community, remember.

God bless!


Praying for you and your family.


Dear sister in Jesus, our hearts go out to you.
With the weight of your problems I have stared at the bland reply post space for a while…

I entreat God to help you to lift your spirits and overcome your lassitude that comes from too much stress.

I ask the angels to find ways to increase your work opportunities and profit so that you can more easily support your five children, your ill husband, and yourself.

I pray that your husband overcomes, is healed fromall that ails him and rises to help you take care of your family.

Know that we are thinking of you and praying for you
:slight_smile: :coffee: :coffee: :grouphug:


I jsut want to say thank you for the support and prayers. I told my sister and sent her emails with pics of our weekend with my husband. she wrote back and talked about dr phil and sort of lectured me and repeated many times how it is better that he lives down in another state, and how it has to be what is best for kids ( over and over in all caps) yes doesnt she know that is what I am doing?
and have been doing> I feel like my whole family talks down to me, tells me what to do. even though they are nice, they do not think of me as an equal. this one particular sis is married to a man who does not work and is an alkie!



Praying for your strength, peace and healing.

*Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen


Will keep you in my prayers…


I joined a yahoo group of women to help support each other with our relationships and the women were so mean and hurtful to me today in their comments that I had to quit.
pray that I find better support for me and my problems.
they were very cruel/
thank you for caring enough to pray for me.:frowning:


Dear peacefulpainter,

Some of those yahoo groups can be really nasty.

Maybe you would like the Family Life section of the Catholic Answers Forum here.

And you know you can count on the prayer section to be a place of peace.

Continued prayers …

~~ the phoenix


oh wow , so that is nothing new on yahoo?
thank you for telling me that.
I had not thought of this site for a group like that. thanks:)


Heartfelt prayers for you and your situation. I wish you the best!

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