Please help!!

I’m new and I need guidance! I have had homosexual relations, and I need help!! I don’t know what to do or where to go… Please tell me what I must do!!

You should probably ask God for guidance toward a more natural reltionship with a woman.

Or, if you are not attracted to women at all, at least avoid situations where you will be tempted to do otherwise-- and pray that God would infuse you with the grace to orient your urges in a proper direction…

I have not looked at your profile. Are you Catholic?

If so, ask the Lord for forgiveness for having sex outside the boundaries that God has set. Also seek a Catholic priest to confess your sins as well.

Even if not Catholic, there are many conservative guides who can assist you with this. There are many Catholic apologists who can assist you as well. But a face to face sitdown can also help you.

I will keep you in my prayers. And do not forget to go to the prayer section to ask others to pray for you as well. :slight_smile:

You seem very distressed. If you are Catholic please feel you can go to Confession. Don’t be afraid to speak to your priest, they’ve usually heard it all; and you will find peace with God.
If you are Protestant, then can you go to your minister in confidence to ask advice and help?
Please try to feel calm and talk to God about it.

You may wish to distance yourself from the situation or person involved, or seriously curb drink if that was involved. You don’t actually say much.
As for counselling if you feel that would help, try to find a good Christian as counsellor.

Don’t beat yourself up or be down on yourself. You clearly see you’ve made a mistake. Right now maybe sit down and talk to Jesus as if he is sitting in the chair facing you. Tell Him everything you think and feel and worry about. And ask his help.

If you feel unsure regarding health complications do make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible…but please be calm as you can. Our prayers are with you.

I hope you receive more helpful advice. I’ll keep you in my prayers,


Well there is an added element. What does the catholic church say about incest? I have not looked it up, for I am afraid of what I’ll find out.

I am Roman Catholic, recently converted…

Sometimes we fall, allow the Jesus’ mother to help you get up so she can lead you to Jesus Himself.

It was my son who was drunk, I, on the other hand, was of sound mind. I have called my priest but he has not answered his phone yet, I’m waiting for a callback…

Okay, it sounds like you need to get to Confession soon. Please trust in the Sacrament and don’t fear being honest with the priest. It’s not permitted and you certainly need to really look at how to avoid this situation.

Start with the best act of contrition you can manage.
“O my God, I am very sorry that I have sinned against You (and ) because You are so good, and with Your help, I will not sin again” That’s the simplest. If the person was complicit, make it plain that must and will never happen again. If not, you need both Confession and counselling, maybe both anyway.

May God heal your heart, mind, and soul.

You’ll be in my Masses and prayers

I do realise how dreadful you must feel and how fearful regarding your son.

It’s good that you’ve contacted your priest.
I guess you’re very worried about your son right now. If he remembers it’s going to be tough for you both. He needs our prayers also. Hopefully the priest can guide you and your son, and maybe you might need him to help you both. You realise this could do him great harm and so he may need a great deal of help as his self esteem, his welfare, may be seriously compromised.

Heavenly Father please take this father and son deep into Your merciful love. Please give them both Your forgiveness and most profound healing. I ask this in Jesus name. Please send Your Holy Spirit powerfully into this situation and relationship.

As much as I want to throw up (sorry), I can only look at my own sins and dare not lift a stone. I feel very sorry for you and beg you to get to confession for your sake. This is a drastic situation and you likely need to find some drastic remedy, probably through professional therapy. Talk to your son either directly or indirectly as he wishes (and assuming he remembers) but with an intermediary present, if at all possible. Tell him how sorry you are for offending the Lord, tell him what steps you have taken / are going to take to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and ask for his forgiveness. If you think it is true and would be helpful, tell him how much you love him. I’ll pray for you too. God be with you.

In failure
Jesus, to my sadness, I fail in many ways and sin against others by my failures. Have I betrayed Your will or mistaken Your purpose? Will You restore me to grace now, Jesus? To do what? Will You show me? Will You fuse together the broken pieces—of my life, of my service—to make a new and better creation? Am I to step around the fragments and to pass another way?

Jesus, I put my trust in the apparent failure of the Cross, for You are condemned to a criminal’s execution and it seems that Your mission has failed, You who alone could redeem humanity.
Who can accept that it is God-incarnate whose sweat and blood drips into the dust, from Your drained, dishonoured body! Yet Your human cry of abandonment by the Father is belied by the triumph of love and faith in Your final confident submission. You die, but You have not betrayed the Father’s trust.

I ask to walk with certainty along the path of holiness that You choose uniquely for me. If not, then please allow me the certainty of buoyant faith. I ask courage to continue through the enveloping fog, trusting each small moment to the illumination of faith and grace.

Jesus out of my failure and sorrow You will bring healing and goodness luminescent as priceless pearls grown around grains of suffering, for Your glory, and for others’ remedy and blessing.

God bless you and your son. May God heal you both

This can be a long and hurtful process if it isn’t nipped in the bud.

You were right to call a priest, and follow it up with confession and if you can, ask if you can see the priest on a regular basis to discuss the problem (like once a week).

There are useful prayers here. This is one of those times where it is ok to go overboard in your prayer. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I think you’ll also need to talk with your son. He may not remember, and as has been suggested, get a third party there as well. Be honest, tell him how you feel and that you didn’t want to hurt him. We are with you in this, don’t give up, and don’t give in. Prayer and regular contact with the priest I think are your best methods to counter this situation and any possible future repercussions.

Christ is with you.

Know the mercy of God and recognize that within His mercy we must be accountable for our actions. In this case you will also need to seek counseling outside of the confessional because what you described may lead to future encounters with your son and that is what you must avoid at all costs.

The good news is that God will forgive you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. You must have a firm purpose of amendment and that is where the outside counseling will help. Do not deceive yourself by claiming that this was just a one time occurrance and will never happen again. Usually when one crosses that line it becomes easier to do it again.

When you go to confession just mention exactly what you did. You will not shock the priest as all sin is disordered to the will of God. You are in my prayers and I pray that you confess this as soon as possible and then get the recommended help…God Bless…teachccd

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