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I am sorry if this is the wrong section for this question. I am going to mass soon and I don’t know if I can receive communion. I went to confession yesterday and left out a mortal sin I thought about confessing but decided it wasn’t mortal but realized it was after confession.


I am no expert, but I would say that you are ok and are suffering a bit of scrupulosity there. If you, in good conscience, confessed all that you believed to be your moral sins at the time (after a sincere examination of conscience), then I am sure God will take care of any mistakes you made. If you are sorry for having displeased God for this extra sin then it is forgiven through contrition and was probably forgiven during your confession yesterday. I feel sure that this is the advice that you would receive from a priest. Scrupulous people often think over their sins after confession and have doubts about whether they have included them all. The advice is invariably that you should not worry, but trust God’s mercy and the power of the sacrament :slight_smile:


Thanks, that is really good to know your advice is much appreciated.:slight_smile:


glad to help :slight_smile: . You might want to look at this site, which has been recommended a few times on this forum.

God bless


For a sin to be mortal, you must commit it with full knowledge and consent.

Being you couldn’t figure out whether it was mortal or not, shows that you did not have full knowledge of it, when you committed it, nor even when you went to confession. So therefore, its not a mortal sin.



That being said, you should confess all grave matters regardless of whether they may be mortal or venial.


The reason I couldn’t figure out if it was mortal was because it was a long time ago and I remember worrying over whether it was mortal or not. I know now it wasn’t that I was just worrying way to much but I don’t remember which way I had decided when I did the thing. So it wasn’t really lack of full knowledge. Thanks though


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