Please help!


Hey everyone, I have a question that maybe some of you can help me with.

Alright, at school during lunch I sit with the kids in my grade. Overall they’re very decent and kind people. It’s just that sometimes they make very immodest jokes or talk about immodest or sexual things.

Being new to the school as of last year, my theology teacher makes me sit with them because I really have nowhere else to sit. I really like sitting with them and they like me sitting with them, but I feel like I’m putting myself into the near occasion of sin. Over at another table there are three girls that sit together who are in my grade. I have nothing against them, its just that I’d rather not sit with them.

Another thing is that the virtue of chastity seems to be lacking in me. I am easily susceptible to temptation from sexual thoughts. I guess it may be possible for me to stop eating lunch altogether. What do you suggest?


Tell them you don’t like the jokes and dirty talk, that it is offensive to you, and than change the subject to something good and wholesome, or tell a clean joke. And tell the teacher about their behavior.


O I know your situation very well. The same occurs to me.

Eucharisted had a good idea, but if these people are even remotely your friend doing that would alienate you.

What I do is just sit there and wait it out. Pray (mentally) if you have to. Try the St. Michael prayer, or the Memorare like you have in your sig.

Maybe you can just go to the bathroom for a few minutes and let it pass. (the immoral stuff I mean).

Try to wear a crucifix if you can, to remind you of God’s presence and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Since you are suseptibale to impure thoughts, strike up devotions to St. Michael and the Blessed Mother. (Just to let you know, I had a very similar problem that I struggled with, but I’m getting over it. With God, nothing is impossible)

Hey, I gotta give you credit though. Most guys your age could care less. So good job! :thumbsup:

PM if you need more help. I have a feeling we are in very similar situations.


Thanks guys. Cooldude, I’ll keep you mind and in my prayers. Now, anyone else who would like to lend some advice is welcomed to.


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