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Hi everyone,

I’m Thaddeus Fernandes from Dubai.
I need some help.
I just got married since Dec 2007 and I’m having intercourse using condoms. I came to know this is a sin as per christianity. I have not been reading the scriptures & so don’t know my religion well. I ask forgiveness from god for that.

I am in deep trouble now & need your advice.

  1. I have been having intercourse with my wife using a condom to avoid birth of baby as we will lay the seed in jan 2010

  2. I have stopped using condoms since the past one week and just using oral stimulation to bring my wife to orgasm and not ejaculating at all and also entering my wife through my private organ. She is enjoying these moments the most even better than those with the condom.

  3. Is this way of pleasing my wife without using a condom + without ejaculating considered holy. I am trying to control my sexual urge as i dont want to ejaculate at all till we plan for the baby.

Request you all to help me out as i dont want to make god angry by being a sexual animal but i want my wife to be satisfied as it’s difficult for her to control her sexual urge. I satisfy her by bringing her to orgasm through oral sex and stimulation with my hands.

Please help through your comments.


Per item 3. no it isn’t.

Ejaculating outside of her is as much a sin as using a condom. Please research natural family planning online. That is a moral form of “birth control”


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