Please help


My sister and I were raised Catholic. My sister is now 23 and has converted to Islam. What can I do to lead her back home? Please help.


pray…pray hard…the more you lecture her, she may rebel and get more into islam…:frowning:


Ask your brothers and sisters in Christ to join you in prayer! I am fixing to say my nightly rosary. If I may, I’d like to pray for her conversion.

Remember the story of the Prodigal Son. He will not reject her as she has. Praise God for that!


Why don’t you ask her in a non-threatening way why she left Catholicism and what was enamoring of Islam. I’d bet both of you would learn things if you keep the conversation civil.

I always wonder what the trigger for leaving Catholicism is, that’s why I’m suggesting this.

God Bless,



P.S. steph ramirez, what country or state do you live in? Just curious.


Pray that she sees the truth.


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