Please help :)


First off, have to admit I am not a church goer (but I believe in God and all~), but I need so help with what to wear - and HOPEFULLY meet some Melbournians (Australia) in the same process…

Next Sunday is Blessed Mary MacKillop’s cannonisation - and the City’s diocese is doing a day long celebration that begins with a Mass at the Cathedral. Like I said I am not a church goer, but want to go…I feel a connection and reason to go. :slight_smile:

What troubles me, what to wear?! What would be appropriate to wear? I was think “neat casual”…and pair of nice dress pants with a shirt - trying to be as modest as possible at the same time. I googled about this, and saw so much stuff that are against women wearing dress pants.

Thank you so much in advance for any help~

Wear something modest

Dress slacks and a modest shirt or blouse with sleeves will be fine. A modest dress is appropriate, too. I don’t live in Australia but I am guessing that you won’t be out of place wearing dress slacks if that is the best you have.

The older tradition was to wear your “Sunday Best.” This isn’t always followd these days. I would suggest that you dress as you would for a job interview.

Just my :twocents:

What would you wear to a close relatives wedding? :wink:

LOL I haven’t been to a wedding since I was a little girl - sad hey?

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