please help!!!

May I say thank you to people who responded to my earlier pleas but I still need to ask for your assistance!

Please could anyone pray for my mother who is getting treatment. Please ask padre pio to intercede.

May I also ask can you also say a prayer for my job situation. I am getting no peace at present and what like to eventually move if possible. I hope god would grant this.

Thank you

Lord please help this person to find inner peace, and the means to counteract the undesirable actions and influence of others at work.
Please also bless and strengthen this loved mother as she undergoes her treatment.
Thank You, Lord

Lord God, I lift up to you stardustibiza, her concerns, and her mother… Please grant her mother good health and healing… Fill stardustibiza with your love and your peace. Lead her to people and institutions that can help her work situation.

St. Pio, pray for them.
St. Jude, pray for them.
St. Philomena, pray for them.
St. Anthony, pray for them.

I will remember you and your mother in my daily prayers. May God bless you both :slight_smile:

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