Please help!

I need help refuting this video that a friend of mine sent me saying Pope Francis was the False Prophet. I know it seems kind of pointless probably but it would help me out a lot. Please detail it if you could.

This should show you that racist anti Catholic Bible thumpers abound on youtube and other sites on the internet! They have nothing to fear because of the anonymity of the internet. If they had to publish their true names and/or real addresses, they would not publish such tripe. Arguing against them is futile because they can control who can publish on their sites- and they only allow those who agree with them to speak.
If Obama had been a better President this idiot wouldn’t have dared to call him the anti-Christ!
As much as I detest Obama, there were far better canditates for the anti-Christ during the
20th Century; notably Hitler, Stalin, and/or Mao Tse Tung. however, non these monsters could possibly be the anti-Christ because they all died human deaths.

Agreed. Try not to place too much stock on YouTube videos. Your energies are probably spent elsewhere.

He just made me laugh. :rotfl:

He starts by claiming that Pope Francis is a false prophet and to prove it quotes Revelations 13; 11-18 where it mentions the lamb. He claims that since Pope Francis is sometimes referred to as a lamb and meek and humble - well, there you go, he is the anti-Christ.

This video should serve as proof that Jesus left a Church to guide us.

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