Please help!!!

Won’t get too graphic, but I am in much need of desperate help. I was struggling against serious temptation to masturbate, so much so that I dared not use the bathroom yet for fear of succumbing to them. Finally, I felt that I was fine(yes I know I should have been praying more in the situation)and went to use the bathroom without any intention to masturbate whatsoever and fell anyways. I had no thoughts as I did it honestly, and I did not climax, and I even stopped right before because I knew that what I was doing was wrong and hurtful to Jesus and Mary, and I don’t want to hurt them just to have a measly few minutes of enjoyment. What I am wondering is if I did indeed commit a mortal sin. I have read countless articles written by priests that say it is not a mortal sin but a venial sin if the person doing it does so out of habit or really against their consent. I am not looking for a loophole out of the act being a sin, just more directional help because I have struggled with this particular sin for a long time and only really began making efforts against it when I learned of how grave a sin it is. Regardless of whether or not it is mortal or venial, I will be taking the sin to confession and I am only asking in order to know whether or not I may receive communion before confessing. Any help would be appreciated, and please keep me in your prayers. God Bless!!!

No sbsolute answer can be given regarding the severity of personal sin / culpability. Discuss the matter briefly with priest in confession. As to communion - let your conscience be the judge.

Mortal sin is something to be dicerned in places other than the forums. You can indeed read the catechism. About culpability and masturbation.

But more importantly if the masturbation impulse is so strong that basic functions of life cannot be achieved without restraining yourself you need to seek profesional help.

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