Please Help


I feel like I’m losing my faith. I don’t know what to do. Please pray for me.


We need more background to help you. Why are you losing your faith? Is there a specific incident that caused this or a series?


Praying. We all go through our spiritual ups and downs, too.


Dear Aragorn, I am praying for you current situation. We all have difficult, dry periods in our spiritual lives. Please know you are not alone. Thankfully, God is very patient.



I pray that whatever is causing this for you will be resolved. I’ve been there several times myself. You are not alone. Jesus loves you even in your doubting.


I will keep you in my prayers. Don’t give up hope and like others have said you are not alone. I know there was a time when I almost left the Church because I was being tested by protestants and that is when I found out that I did not know my Faith at all. I thank God now for that time, even though it was painful, for it encouraged me to learn more of my Faith and I found out how much I have to be thankful to God for being a Catholic. Jesus is with you even when you don’t “feel” him. Don’t go by feelings for Faith is more than that. Keep praying even if you don’t feel like it. Ask our Mother Mary to pray for you. I will ask her and St. Anne, her mother, to pray for you. Jesus loves you Aragorn!!:slight_smile:


O Lord, please send Your Spirit upon Aragorn1, and reveal Yourself to him in a powerful way. Make Your path known to Aragorn1, and guide him in your ways. In Jesus name we pray.




Lord hear us, please hear our prayers for Aragom1…St. Rita please keep him in your earnest prayers…
:gopray2: JMJ


No, there’s no specific event or anything, just an extremely long (several months) period of dryness.

Thanks so much for your prayers.




As St Francis de Sales once prayed:

Yet, O Lord, though I have no feeling of confidence in You, nevertheless, I know that You are my God, that I am all Yours, and that I have no hope but in your goodness; so, I abandon myself entirely into Your hands.


You are in my prayers…


Praying for you.



May i suggest… taking a long walk, look around you, flowers, trees critters. Feel the breeze; look at the way the water swirls, at night how the light falls upon the water like diamonds. It is all for you, God loves you, is there for you, in everything. i shall pray for you.


Praying for you. :gopray:



16 is a young age to be losing your faith, I wish we knew more, so that perhaps we were able to guide you some, but perhaps all you need are the prayers.

Heavenly Father, please shine your heavenly light on this dear one, that they may hear Your voice in the breeze, and feel the warmth that comes from You. In the name of your Son Jesus I pray. Amen.

I remember hearing a story about a little child who had been in the hospital, and I believe while in a coma had seen God. One day while watching a baseball game with her mother, they could tell rain was coming. (You know how that is when you can smell it in the rain?). Anyway, the little girl said something, “It smells like Him momma.” The mother asked, “What do you mean?” And the little girl replied, “The breeze. It smells like HIM.”

It seems that when we least expect it, He is there. But actually, He is there with you always. All you have to do is be still.



May you feel God’s peace and grace in your life. He will bless you abundantly! Trust in Him always! St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle! You are in my prayers!

I will remember you in my holy hour today at 5:00 CST.


Is it possible that you’re wondering about the irony of christianity? Specifically, why there are so many confusing,offensive and ridiculous statements in the bible, yet the bible is supposed to be the word of the most intelligent, all-powerful creator of the universe?

I encourage you to continue to critically analyze your religous beliefs.


This article may help - it is easy to read:

Excerpt from DAWN ON THE MOUNTAIN—The Gift of Dryness in Prayer
Mother M. Angelica

Portion of text only

Though our poor human nature rebels at this state of soul, it realizes that somehow great work is being accomplished. The silent Hand of God moves on, purifying the faculties of our soul, detaching us from possessions, people, and ourselves, raising us to various heights of prayer and increasing our capacity for love.

If our dry spell causes us pain, increases our thirst for God, makes us strive for virtue, and during prayer, makes every other thought outside of God distasteful to us, then we can assume the dryness we experience is of God. God is calling us to a higher form of prayer and a deeper union with Himself.

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