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Thanks for the comment, Imagine23. :rolleyes: Guess what! Welcome to my Ignore List. :smiley:

(End sarcasm)

Thanks so much for the replies, everyone.


You have my prayers Aragorn. I’ve been through this as well. Take heart, it will pass. Christ love for you is stronger than any doubts.


OK, this is really weird… yesterday someone posted on this thread under the name Imagine23 and bashed the Christian faith, mentioned [apparent] contradictions in the Bible, and told me to “seriously rethink my beliefs”. I reported that post, and it is now deleted.

Further up the board, supposedly the same person had posted this:

We need more background to help you. Why are you losing your faith? Is there a specific incident that caused this or a series?

This person sounds like a Catholic who wants to help. Is it the same person? What’s going on??? :confused:



Don’t despair, but be aware. The devil preys on those who are weak in their faith, so be ever faithful and you must be stronger in your faith on God more now than ever.

St Michael the Archangel protect Aragorn. Please keep a vigilent watch over Aragorn, and throw Satan back into the depths of Hell.

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Aragorn 1,

The same happened to me recently. It was for a different period of time but I, too, was crossing the desert. I gave into temptation, so you know Satan had something to do with it. Stay true, immersing yourself in the faith. Help is on the way-in God’s time. You are being tested and the relief will come when you pass the test. Satan, aside from being a coward, is lazy and will abandon you for an easier mark once he knows your love of God remains.

Reconcilliation-can’t say it enough.
Adoration-will refill your empty tank
Eucharist-thanks, indeed.

In my case, I felt separated from the Holy Spirit-which intesified the dryness. But, it came and it went. The return of the Holy Spirit assured me of God’s mercy and was an intensely satifying event.

You may very well be in preparation for the next level of faith. Testing often accompanies such movements of God. Stick by the most positive, encouraging Catholics you know. This is not a case where misery needs company-even if it loves it! Also, consider that your are not lost in the desert, you are crossing it. Each of us has a different sized desert.

Praise God that you are considered worthy of testing-you are in great company, and in our prayers.

May Christ’s peace saturate your soul.


:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :amen:


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