Please i need advice and prayers!


Look, i have no clue whats going on…all i know is somethings wrong with me…

When i look in the mirror and really consintrate on my eyes, i see something that scares me…i cant see it with the naked eye i just feel it and know its there…I KNOW i am not possesed…what does this MEAN???:confused:


other night i had a really weird dream (i have more details in my journal), it had a beginning and end…(my dreams NEVER end,i normally wake-up in the middle of it) to make a long story short…I had a dream that some girl my age (around 17) came up to me and told me that i had a demon assigned to me, she told me he was very powerful. and at the end i say her 4 times (like a cartoon flip book) and the 5th time it was the demon all i consintrated on was his eyes, they were solid black.

Mom says im special and that i need to be careful with who i share my dreams with and things i feel and see…but i am tired of having dreams…that scare me…

I know that God is love and in love theres no fear! …i am having to work on this…

I do keep a prayer journal so i track everything…

I would like help, is there a priest or someone that i can talk to??? i really feel stupid talking to my parish priest…

Last night i had a dream that some women came up to me telling me that something was wrong with her with this teenage girl…and as soon as the woman left…the girl looked at me really weird (she was possiesed) after that all i remember is saying something about christ and that it (speaking to the demon) would never win…

I tried telling the women but she wouldnt believe me…:shrug: what in the world does it mean? if it means anything at all…

Please i need help,i am desprate…


Boy, I don’t know what to say, except that I am sorry.

Father God in Heaven, please remove these thoughts and dreams from Cuukie. Keep her mind and heart open and pure to only the good that comes from you. If Satan is attacking her, we ask that he stop right now in your son Jesus’ name. Amen.


I will pray for you. Why not spend some time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament? Pray the rosary…talk with a Priest in another parish.

God Bless you and keep you!


Whenever one has experiences of any types of dreams, visions, etc., it is always good to confide them to a spiritual director.

That being said, they should be confided to the director and then dropped, never let what a dream or vision tells you trump what the finished deposit of faith tells you-- the truth of the faith always comes first.

In fact, I think the great spiritual writers, like St. John of the Cross, would counsel against writing down the details of dreams like this. It makes one attached to the dreams or visions, and causes one to waste endless time wondering whether it is authentic, and if authentic, whether demonic or godly. Don’t bother! In the same time you could be working assiduously at becoming holier. Worse, you could become needlessly obsessive over it, and that might make it worse!



Praying for you! The link in my signature will help you find Adoration near your home if you want to go. It helps me with all sorts of issues…I think of it as my spiritual “takes two aspirin and call me in the morning”.


i try and pray a decade of the rosary every night before i go to sleep, i read scripture before i go to bed…

Adoration and chapel, i do need to do these thing more…

I really enjoy mass, so i think i will get my mom to bring me in the middle of the week…

Thank you for all your prayers!:slight_smile:


Hey cuukies,

I will be praying for you.:crossrc: I have had simliar dreams, and I have talked to a nun at my job. :nun1: She help me so much. I do recommend speaking with someone about this. So you can understand and deal with your dreams. My mom told me about my dreams that is like God is making me stronger. In my dreams it was like I was defending my faith. I better understand y dreams when I spoke with the nun. I hope that you can resolve this problem. :hug1:





We are so sorry to hear of your troubles. Please know that you are in our prayers here at CAF. If you would like to talk with a priest, please feel free to contact Catholic Answers’ staff chaplain, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P. You may call him during office hours, which are Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, at 619-387-7200. If you prefer, you may also write to him by private message here at CAF. God bless.

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