Please I need emergency prayer for Financial Help


I am so sorry to ask,
but please pray for me that God will grant me financial help.
I have been placed on short-term disability for the next three months and my disability pay will come nowhere near helping me meet my financial obligations. Thank you so much for your kind prayers and God bless all of you.


Never be sorry to ask for prayers… I’ll make a virtual intention for you, hoping you recover soon and that all works out with your finances.



Thanks so very much, Lizaanne. God bless you.


:gopray2: I am praying for you. Trust in God.


Have and will pray for you and your situation.


Prayers going up for you :gopray2:

Pray especially to St Bernadette - her family was extremely poor.


Praying that your health and your financial situation get better.


My sincerest thanks to all of you lovely people for your kind prayers.
God bless,


God bless you and I will pray for you.


Praying for your situation and may your fears and anxieties be relieved soon.

Contact creditors if possible and let them know the situation is temporary. Perhaps grace will be in their hearts also and an understanding can be agreed upon.

God Bless.


praying :gopray:




Prayers going out for you!:gopray:


:signofcross:Praying for you!!:signofcross:


Jaypeeto. I hope your situation changes. I’ll keep you in my prayers each day. :gopray2:


You are all wonderful and kind people. Thank you so much for your kind prayers, I deeply appreciate them and you.
God bless,


I am praying for you today.:gopray2:

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