Please make religious affiliation shown in each post


There is probably other info that could be put into each post so that it doesn’t have to be dug out of a person’s profile. I think religious affiliation is the most important one, maybe others can suggest anything else that would be useful to see in each post without having to go into someones profile.

It’s quite tedious and maddening to have to tease out a posters religious affiliation on a religious website.

It would also be helpful to see a joined date in each post so that we know how familiar a poster is with the website.


It is always nice to be able to see where a person is coming from in his/her posts. Your comment is uncalled for.


I agree. I like to know the religious affiliation of posters so I know where they’re coming from. For example, the way I debate with a protestant who disagrees with the Catholic Faith is different to how I answer a cafeteria Catholic. I’d like to know who’s in the Church and who isn’t.


I liked the religion, location, and signature. The location was also helpful sometimes to better understand and respond to a person. The signature added some personality.

I agree, but as @pianistclare pointed out in another thread people can be dishonest. At the same time I think most people were honest and the dishonest folks you figure out after a while.


It’s not a matter of being a busybody so much as having an idea of the frame of reference the person is answering from. If I was new to the faith I’d be less like to take an atheist’s word on Church teaching if I knew their affiliation up front…

That being said, there are plenty of self identified Catholics here who clearly reject Catholic doctrine. Easy enough for those versed in the faith to spot, but it also can lead others still learning into error.

Personally I don’t care… at best a religion tag just confirms what a persons posts already tells me. I don’t need a tag to tell me someone that always posts news articles attacking the faith is not obedient to the faith.


Very true. I do like knowing a location though. No point in telling someone from Singapore what the Holy Days are in the U.S.


I still can’t work out how to put it in my profile. It’s all a bit mysterious.

I agree, as a nearly Catholic, it was nice to know I was getting advice on the Faith from a self identifying Catholic and not a Jedi. But it soon became apparent that the Catholic label was a pretty broad church in terms of who used it.


I’m of two minds on this. It is useful to have an idea what frame of religious reference someone is posting from, however some posters did misuse that on the old iteration of the site and were indeed dishonest. We had the experience many times of hard core anti-Catholics sticking ‘Catholic’ as a religious identifier to try and pass as a fellow Catholic, until it slowly became apparent they were not. Using people’s religious identifier to ‘mess with them’ is rather monotonous ultimately I’d say ultimately and bespeaks a rather odd approach to dealing with those with different outlooks than your own. If anyone wants my mother’s maiden name by the way it was Egan, won’t do you much good as it is an extremely common name and there are thousands of people with the name.


That’s really what I was thinking. Listing religious affiliation might have been useful 5* years ago when people were primarily interested in discussing topics of faith, but with the number of people in recent years that are only interested in stirring up controversy or thumbing their nose at Catholics by “messing with them” just says how little worth there is now.


The signature line you used to have was a give away. What was it, “Lucifer is Light”, or something like that?


This is exactly what I was trying to say. I agree 100%


I don’t know where to add affiliation in preferences/profile. Forget it - Whoops I did find it LOL


One has to wonder whether moving in with his aunt Thelma has been entirely a good thing for young Tsuzuki. Or “Tsuzuki”.

(That profile “icon” is also something of an indication, of course.)


It was listed on the old forum before the format change. Not an issue of being a busy body.


I’m beginning to see that it’s actually not too disruptive to learn a poster’s religious affiliation while reading through a thread. If you single click on a poster’s username, a frame pops up that lists the person’s religion and location (provided they entered that information).

It is an extra step, and it would be a pain to do that for every poster. I generally glossed over that info unless I was looking for it anyway, though. I’ll have to give it more time to see how much I truly miss and/or am annoyed by it not being there.


Actually, it’s interesting, since the changeover and without the affiliation visible, it has been tremendously clear who is present to share, learn and teach and who is here to disrupt and draw negative attention to themselves. Truth will out, I suppose.


@usige, How did you get the “Catholic” to show up in your “profile preview” that appears when I click on your name? I entered my religion as “Catholic” on my profile page, but I notice that I don’t see it on my own profile preview. I’m seeing that it may not be behaving the way I thought it was,


I concur. It would be nice to see, especially as this is a religious forum. It would probably be useful for others to know that I’m Agnostic and not Catholic, if they haven’t seen me around on the old CAF.


I’ve found with Microsoft Edge as a browser for some reason you have to keep refreshing the page for posting and for updating some things. I am going to try re-opening the new version of the forum in Google and then reboot in Linux as I’ve noticed Edge is a pain in the bottom with some programmes. It won’t work with some sites I normally log into for other things as well which always forces me to open them up in other browsers.


You can see the joined date if you click on the icon (an orange flower for you, an agnus dei for me). I like seeing the joined date, too, so I can welcome new users. :angel:

I, too, like seeing the religion if the poster chooses to fill it out. It gives a starting point for me when explaining stuff, like can I quote the CCC and have some expectation that they might know what that is.

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