Please make religious affiliation shown in each post


I agree that it would be helpful to have some basic information so that we have an idea of where everyone is coming from faithwise. Having an indication of general location is very helpful as it avoids misunderstandings based on regional differences or even language.


There is no need to know ones religious affiliation on here, and if someone wanted to tell you their affiliation after you or someone asked them then that is their choice. If the goal is to educate someone about catholicism then all one does is handle the post as it is, getting too into someones life to answer a question can just bog down the situation and or make things worse, especially if someone is just looking for an answer and not an in depth conversation. An if someone doesn’t want their affiliation out there, then that is up to that person. An same for the join date, it is just trivial information, there are plenty of pinned threads on how to use the forum and even an indepth tutorial on how to use the site for new people that are joining.


I put Catholic as my Full Name… I know it’s cheating, but I conform myself to the software until it conforms to me (in otherwords I looked at the code to see what shows up where and used it to my purposes :open_mouth:)


If you click the “gear” to edit your profile,there’s an “about me” box and a “religion” box further down.


Then such a person is free to not disclose their religion.

As others noted, it is useful to know another person’s background.


Ah. Then I need to rescind Post #17
as I was basing that off of clicking on your username. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Then I realized it wasn’t working on anyone else’s. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Add that to the suggestion box, though. That’s where a poster’s religious affiliation should appear (if it doesn’t appear in every single post).


Oooo, thank you! I’ve now added my religion and added my blog link. Fabulous. No idea if it worked because I can’t work out how to see how it appears to others!!


It works. :slight_smile:

The link works too.


Brilliant. Thank you very much.


I think it is good to know what religion one is so that one can better understand where one is coming from in their thinking.


I’ve always found an issue with this because there are some posters who agreed with much more of the catholic church’s teaching and were “atheist” than other posters claiming to be Catholic. I like what another board did, which was to rate posters on their adherence to the charism. Probably not duplicatable with thousands of posters but it was nice to know who regularly went against church teaching.


Tick! Tick!


I’ve thought the same thing… provide a quiz that shows an adherence and/or knowledge score. The problem of course is that it is easy enough to purposely skew the score and still give answers in posts that are not in accord with Church teaching. I knew what the Catholic Church taught long before I became Catholic even if I didn’t practice or beleive what she taught.

The issue comes down to if people are honest or want to be duplicitous. I always respected those that said they were dissenting Catholics more than those who listed Catholic but disagreed with 90% of what the Church teaches.

In all honesty I never really looked at other poster’s religion on the old platform unless they asked a question that is at the core to the faith or if they posted answers/responses that are antithical to the faith. I might tailor my response based on that… that or mark them up as a troll that I simply refused to feed. :wink:


What would one gain by being dishonest about that ?


I’m guessing that this whole website would have to be reconfigured for that.


There are many non-Catholics that would be happy to lead others astray. There are also many, many Catholics who believe that their version of Catholicism is the “right” way despite it going against church teachings.


It is actually just a flag that @cawebmaster would need to set for that custom user field.

Here is an example of what the user card could look like based on changing a few setting in my local Discourse install (no this is not CAF, but my own install)…



I think that I am missing out. When I press gear, all I can do is put in a picture (I didn’t have my St Theresa of Avila photo, so went for praying hands). No about me or anything else.

Scrub the above - I finally found it. I was pressing the cog from the wrong screen. Oh how I dislike change. Never mind, as times passes I will get used to this eventually.


I see that the location shows up when you click on a username or avatar.

I, too, would really like to see the religion for those who choose to fill in the field. There’s a field for it, so it must show up somewhere, but I can’t see where. Personally, I find it tremendously helpful to see that easily (and I think a single click on the username/avatar is plenty easy).


Yes, it seems to have been changed so that religious affiliation is available with one click. I still don’t see why it’s not just on each post. Maybe it just takes time.

The argument that religious affiliation could be used as a cover or to mislead doesn’t hold water. The reason being, it can still be done. What’s the difference if it’s one click away; I don’t think that is going to stop people who are bent on misleading people who come to CAF.

Joined date, affiliation, location…that stuff is very helpful when posting. Why should it be a click away when it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m assuming it doesn’t have to be that way.

I feel a rant about trust levels coming on. :rage:

The CAF administrators are doing a great job. I should mention that. :clap:

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