Please make religious affiliation shown in each post


It could be useful. Some here thought this non-denominational Protestant was actually Catholic. Had they known, the course of that discussion would have been a bit different.


Not to mention it lets people know it’s there. I would not have known about it without seeing it on profiles before and after the transition, I assumed it was gone after not seeing it.


Thanks, moderators, for giving it a go and putting the religion at just one click away. :heart:


How about a place for… Male and Female too.


That would be nice, but it wasn’t on the old CAF either. You just had to guess.


[quote=“JimG, post:49, topic:449460, full:true”]

That would be nice, but it wasn’t on the old CAF either. You just had to guess.
Right, you always had to guess.


And after awhile one doesn’t need to check because we know the poster’s affiliation without other things, so checking every post of every thread isn’t necessary.


Adding the custom user fields (like religion) on the user card is fairly simply as it is something the software already supported via a configuration change.

I have been looking through the actual Discourse code and adding that type of information to the post body itself is not quite so simply. It looks like it would require a plugin to be written and even at that I’m not sure it could be wired in the way people want without touching the core code… Not that CAF is likely to just take a plugin I’d write and install it based on my word and good looks. :wink:


No. No. Why?

I do not want someone to engage with me differently because of my gender. Same thing with religion, tbh. Nor do I want to engage differently with other due to gender or religion.


Religion wasn’t included in the first few years of CAF either. I was against it then and I’m not in favor of having gender front and center now.


Its just to get a general idea of who you are posting to , you can leave it blank, nobody is going to find out about you.


[quote=“Bruised_Reed, post:54, topic:449460, full:true”]

Religion wasn’t included in the first few years of CAF either. I was against it then and I’m not in favor of having gender front and center now

So I guess Religion and Gender is politically incorrect now too.


Politically incorrect how?


I don’t know that’s what I’m wondering why is there resistance for such a simple thing, I see Gender on other forums.


In that case, I would assume that the same would hold true for a signature line.

Touching the core code eh? It sounds like we need…@superprogrammer


I personally would like to know what religious background someone is coming from. There was a case of someone a couple months ago making posts seemingly trying to get people to convert to his faith (Jansenism, was it?) and didn’t list a religious affiliation. When I tried to ask about it, people complained that I was being nosy.

Gender should be optional. I’ve been more open about mine here than I normally am on forums. As someone else said, female posters on the Internet generally are often treated differently and presumed to be interested in different things. I have had situations where other female posters just assumed I would be interested in “girly” chat in PMs or worse yet was on the make for some guy associated with a forum, despite my being old and married (apparently those things don’t slow down some “operators”). I have less than zero interest in either thing and come to forums to discuss the topic at hand and no intepersonal drama.


I just want to call more attention to the fact that CAF has listened to this thread and added the religion to the user card (the little box that pops up when you click on a username). :+1: It wasn’t there before, but it is there now.

From what @Usige is saying, it sounds like adding that info to the actual posts would be a lot more complicated, if it could even be done at all. I’m happy with the compromise.


Some religion focused forums unofficially disallow members of other faith traditions. So, if you join and indicate you are Catholic you will find yourself banned for no reason. I think members of those sites assume the same of CAF.


Well when I’m posting back to people I can’t never really use the words He or She… Him or Her (unless I really know) when addressing people, that’s the only reason I would like to see Gender.


I started avoiding using gender specific pronouns to maintain anonymity and confidentiality. I became comfortable using they/them once I heard and read certain sticklers for correct grammar use they/them referring to a person in singular. I even saw a reference in an old book that they/them had been grammatically correct.

Also, on a forum using names is the clearest way to refer to people when there are so many players.

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