Please make religious affiliation shown in each post


Well, sure. But if someone was non-Catholic or a new member, I would make less assumptions about how much prior knowledge they had. If I used acronyms (such as CCC or RCIA), I would make sure I spell out what those mean if the person is not a Catholic. Or if someone was new, I’d make sure to say "Welcome! 034_wave"


Well thank you for reaching out I appreciate. As far as how much prior knowledge one has about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults I will discuss at a different time. God Bless.


I agree!..


I think religious affiliation, one’s signature and the post count should be back.


I would also like to see the affiliation of those I am speaking to … it helps to be more sympathetic to their particular needs.


It’s not gone, just click on their name or their icon. I find it less obtrusive.


Thanks for the info.


I think the issue is that it’s often nice to know when discussing the Catholic faith whether one is speaking with a fellow Catholic or not; it just gives one a better sense of how to broach the subject. For example, citing Lumen Gentium as an authoritative document would be kind of pointless if I were addressing a Protestant, but for a fellow Catholic it might help show how an opinion of mine fit in with Church teaching. Yes, you could always ask, "Are you a Catholic?’ before addressing someone, but then they have to answer the question, and then you have to respond, and then the next person who wants to respond to the OP might wonder the same thing but have missed the previous exchange, and thus begin all over again with, “Are you a Catholic?” It could become very cumbersome.

One possibility is to have the info optionally included for every poster, so that you could let everyone know, or choose not to. The old forum basically made it optional, since you could write virtually anything as your affiliation, including, “Unspecified.”


Awesome! Problem solved.


Happy CAF anniversary. I see a cake next to your name today.

I would hope to have seen “Catholic” next to your name too. But, they haven’t done that yet. Time will tell.


click on her avatar…its there


But then I have to click the back button. It’s way to labor intensive, and I get lost easily.


I take it you are on mobile? It is definitely less cumbersome on a computer. There, a box just pops up over the post and then I click off the box to get rid of it. At least, that’s how it works on my browser. On mobile, though, it takes you to a new page and you have to tap back, which is a bit more of a bother.


Yea, nowadays I’m mostly doing CAF on mobile.


Are you using an iPhone or iPad? I ask because I don’t have to hit the back button with any of my Android devices. I simply tap outside the “user card” and it dismisses the pop-up like clicking with my mouse on a PC.

Just curious since I don’t have any Apple devices and have actually found the new platform on my phone and tablets to be much more usable than the old platform.


Yea, I’m using an iPhone.


I have an iPhone, too. Tapping on someone’s username or avatar is basically like clicking on a link and opening up a new page.


Good to know. I’m guessing it’s a limitation (design feature?) of Safari on iPhone. I don’t know if it supports floating panels, but could see how that could be more annoying having it open as a seperate page. For the most part my experience on my tablet, phone or PC are all very similar, but in each instance I am using Chrome.


Interesting. You are probably right. I’ve never noticed a floating panel in any of my Safari web browsing on my phone.


I am just guessing it is part of the design aesthetic for iOS to have all apps look and behave similar. I know some people love it, but it was part of what turned me off to the whole iOS ecosystem.

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