Please, may I thank you my friends?


♥ I want to thank you so, so very much for praying for my "mental" state. My eyes are watery writing this and reading so many prayers said for me. It is always a surprise when I am the focus of anything this beautiful and genuine. Most of all, I am very, very grateful with a caring heart for each of you.

Thank you again and please know I love each of you very much.

bows head

Please God, bring my friends comfort as they go through their own trials and tribulations. Bring joy to their hearts when gladness disappears. May your ArchAngel Michael fight for them and unsheath his sword when the fighting gets intense forever, and ever. I love you and thank you, in your Son's precious name, Jesus the Christ. Amen.♥


What a warm and generous heart you have! Don't ever doubt yourself.
Gratitude and love are proof of God's love and grace in you!

'Amen' to your prayer, for you, as for each of us!


You're welcome, Randirhoades, and we love you too!:)


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