Please note...Threads Being Closed

I am going to start closing as many threads as I need to which are over one year old and/or which have no new responders. Not responses - respondERS. For example: Some threads are filled with only the same two or three people responding over and over again.

This bumping of threads by the same few people, often YEARS after the original post, is “clogging up” the forum so that new prayer requests are being lost and overlooked. I’ve had several complaints from new people who are here asking for prayers but are not receiving many answers because their new requests are being buried.

Thanks all for praying, regardless. Of course, if you come across a closed thread, you can still pray for that need without posting.


Klara Collins

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Sounds like a good idea.

Great idea! I always feel lucky if I could get at least 10 people to post on one of my prayer threads. It may come off as if people don’t care. Also, something else that would help in these situations is if the posters who make the prayer threads give updates on their situations. Prayers for the respite of someone’s soul would, of course, be open-ended, but, if it’s prayer for a successful surgery or prayer to get into a college or something, please let us know if we can stop praying or if more prayers are needed.

Have you all considered the comments made here?

I am very glad to read of this decision and this undertaking.

Thank you.


If a person has one or two threads that are years old, and only a couple of the same people post on it every day, it has to go.

I can’t help feeling hurt by that, for myself personally, and for a couple of other people I know. I am sorry that my **one **intention is keeping someone else from having their intention prayed for.

Perhaps they should consider posting on their own thread more than just their first post. That would bump it up, the same way it does to my thread I am referring to.

Another thought. Allow the OP to tell the mod to close a thread that they started that is no longer needed. I have had prayer threads in the past I would offer to close if that option were available.

I for one know that my prayer requests are still very much needed. It may not matter to those are giving at a boys and thumbs up because they have no idea what my family (or others) are going through. If that’s out of line and gets me banned so be it. My loved ones come first.


You are always free to post a new request of the same intention. I’m not banning the topics, just the constant reviving of years-old threads.

Well that’s a relief. What happened to automatically continuing a 1,000+ post thread?

Thank you! I stopped posting prayer intentions because of the low responses. I felt lost in the robo response crowd. :cool:

I just began coming to the forum and did find it difficult to navigate the prayer threads … one person that I wanted to pray for with just a few posts in her thread kept getting lost pages back … I wish there were a way to bookmark a thread so that I could find it easily. I do hope people re-create threads that they need prayers for, so that I can help by praying for them. There are wonderful prayer warriors in this forum.

Now that’s a great idea (bookmarking)! At the moment (or before they were closed), I just put key words in search and scan down to the thread I’m looking for.

Oh, and for the record, I’m not a robot. I actually pray for people. :cool:

If you left click on your name in the upper left hand corner of a post, you will see the option to find all the posts you have made…

In this way you can keep track of a thread you have participated on, and are interested in continuing to follow.

You’re a genius. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s great … thank you for letting me know … that pretty much handles my issue.

Yep, guess I’m out since I choose to post prayers for everyone & the faithfully departed

I totally understand where people are coming from in that new threads get buried when people posted on the old ones, but I am bummed that the old ones are now closed. I am one those that posted frequently on them (I am NOT a robot, by the way) because I believe passionately about the topic I chose to pray about, whether it was the pope, mental illness, our priests, abortion, or vocations. I know that I can theoretically pray for these on my own but it’s less likely to happen now without a nice little email reminder and a physical effort of posting on my part. I have five kids and dealing with school and football, homework and drivers ed, college courses and diapers makes you forget to pray for all those intentions you really wanted to. I always tried to pray for all the new intentions as well, making use of the side bar- I was really glad when CAF put that in and thought that improved things. But I have noticed lately that there are not as many responses on new threads. I will post late on a thread and find that I am only the third one posted that day. We need more people praying!

I’ve already started new threads since I got the OK.


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