Please Order a Free copy of VISION Vocation Magazine 2012

Please Order a Free copy of VISION Vocation Magazine 2012


YouTube page:

Vocation-network is also on Facebook and I’m sure you can follow Vocation-network on Twitter.

I am not trying to “sell” or “promote” anything so if this is inappropriate to post I do apologize to CAF and the MODS I am just trying to help anyone who may be discerning a vocation.

I usually order more than one magazine, some I give to family, friends, and the rest I give to the local Church I attend.

God bless,

Thanks for the information-I’ll check it out when I come back from church :slight_smile:

Thank you for the links. I just ordered a copy!

Already ordered mine. :slight_smile:

I did. Had to make a note for plain wrapping. I don’t need everyone in my business. It’s crazy.

While your’re at it, don’t forget the latest

A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women,

only $10…:

This is the 32nd annual edition for 2011.

It is the companion to www.religiousministries. com.

The website is OK with a fair search engine, but I think that it would be easier to discern with the book in hand!

VISION is mainly ads. You have to pay to get listed there.

I think that the two publications complement each other.

The Guide is free to religious ministries, dioceses and spiritual directors, and costs only $10. for lay people.

You can order by calling 914-632-1230 or send an email to

Reminder: if you want it sent in a plain wrapper, SAY SO. I asked for this, but they forgot and I got questions from family members. Or have it sent to a friend or the church office ;).

There are cards to pull out, mainly for the men’s communities, and ads, which help pay for the publication. It includes all communities who fill out the questionnaire, and is the most comprehensive guide in the US. It is updated every year. Descriptions include contact info.

It is comprehensive, tho’ not always completely up to date. I think that you could call the editor with updates–branches closing, etc, and they would really appreciate it.

cara1- Thank you and God bless you for this information as well.

Yes, Vision- Vocation has a lot of “ADs” but when I received the magazine it’s ADs on various communities, orders, and so forth which I can understand because someone may be discerning and check that AD out by contacting the community. However, I do find the majority of the ADs are Active Orders (I’m not saying there is anything wrong) but I do hope in the future they will add more of the Cloistered/Contemplative Orders as well.

There is also Institue on Religious Life (IRL)

A few years ago they sent me a Magazine, holy Prayer cards, and a FREE C.D. explaining Religious life…Now, I’m not too sure if they still offer this or not but you can always contact them

Like I stated before, I’m not trying to sell or promote anything but perhaps to those who are discerning a vocation to the Priesthood or Religious life may find this magazine helpful.

God bless you on your Journey


The ***“A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women” **is published every year. Recent copies can be obtained at a substantial discount through Just type in the title “A Guide to Religious Ministries…” in the title line and a large selection of recent used copies will come up, some for just over $3.00, which includes *postage.

cara1- Thank you and God bless you for the helpful information.

Don’t forget to order your FREE copy of VISION Vocation Magazine.

  • I am not trying to sell or promote anything just thought it may be helpful to anyone who might be discerning a Vocation*

If you would like to see anything in the next magazine please contact them with your concerns.

Use VISION’s free highly respected resources to help promote
church vocations

Order your free copies of VISION Vocation Guide, the essential Catholic vocation discernment resource for your church, ministry, school, or institute–if you haven’t already.

Every issue contains a multilingual poster. Also available: Free multilingual bookmarks. Vocation Network, VISION’s website, was named a top 10 vocation website by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

PUBLICATION DATE: Aug. 1, 2011 Shipping is free
for bookmarks and the first 100 copies
of the 172-page VISION Vocation Guide
with free poster inside.
Please don’t delay.

Order online:
phone: 1-800-942-2811
email: or

You can’t order or download this outwith the US. I also cannot use their “contact an order” service. This is all because they are terrible at geography. I live in Scotland, one of four countries that make up the United Kingdom aka Great Britain (the other three are England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Unfortunately on the VISION website, when you enter the UK as your country it gives a list of English counties for the State/Province box, only English ones, nothing for the other three countries. It is impossible to leave it blank, it won’t let you. I did contact them by email about this but they never had the manners to reply.

All of this does not give me much confidence in them.

I’m truly sorry about this and apoologize for your bad experience with them. Although, truthfully they should apologize and correct these problems.

From the small print that I read the Vision-Vocation print version is only available to Canadian and American residents. So, maybe it’s best to wait for the Digital Version.

Did you contact more than one person?

cara1, also mentioned “A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women” which may be more helpful.

Off-topic, although I’m not from Scotland I am Scottish from my dad’s side.

God bless,

Hello fellow Scot!

I used the address given in the Contact Us section. I sent it three times over several weeks, just to make sure. I gave them several months to reply. I sent another one recently What is particularly worrying me, aside from the fact that non-English UK residents can’t use the service, is that if certain papers here in the UK were to get hold of this, it would reflect very badly on the Church, as it would be portrayed as being a Church initiative. I cannot understand why there has been no response to this. I can only guess that they don’t think it is important, even though I outlined my concerns about how the media would react.

I’m terribly sorry for all the trouble and any inconvenience this has caused you.

One suggestion/option is if you Google Search **Patrice Tuohy **who is the Executive Editor of the Vision-Vocation Magazine. Patrice Tuohy has Twitter and Facebook perhaps you can contact her that way. Do you have a YouTube account maybe you can make a comment there?

Another suggestion/option is if you contact the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Go to the left hand side of the page where it says “search” and type in Contact Us and it should lead you to some places where you can voice your concerns about the VISION Vocation Magazine.

Hopefully, somone can provide you with answers.

If you’re wondering why I suggested contacting the USCCB is because of this:

U.S. BISHOPS place VISION VOCATION NETWORK on their list of TOP 10 Vocation Websites. Click here for a complete USCCB list:

quoted from:

  • Please keep in mind the following were just suggestions meaning you don’t have to follow them.

Again I sincerely apologize to you or to anyone I was only trying to help. :o

God bless,

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