PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to this 7 minute homily by Father Larry Richards today


If he doesn’t KNOW how to deal with this no one does. Listen & see if it will help you cause he has FIRST HAND KNOWLEGE of the abuse he was there he was abused! He is a Priest in Pennsylvania today.


He’s so right, we must cling to our faith!


If he can do so as one who was abused and continue on to become a Priest then we certainly can.


I never knew that about him. I’ve listened to him on EWTN, but that never came up, or I missed it, but you are so right.

I can’t seem to stop crying this weekend. Couldn’t make it through mass today, kept waiting for someone to mention the issue in the homily or the intentions, but once again, crickets… So this afternoon I’m scouring the internet for homilies that had the brass to tackle the topic head on.

Thanks for posting Father Larry’s.

There’s a letter from the Archbishop of Detroit that I found also.


As heartbreaking as it is hopeful. Thank you so much for sharing this Cajun.


I decided today that I’m going to switch mentally from dwelling on the negative to praying for the renewal of the Church–no doubt in the way of new movements and heroic new saints–that Christ always provides in a time of crisis. History has shown this. It is undoubtedly unfolding right now.


Did you get to listen to Father Larry’s short homily.


God Bless Fr Larry. Tha ks for sharing Cajunjoy!


Thank you for sharing this.


is there a transcript I can read?


Not that I know of.


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