Please, please, please pray for Lynette who was crushed


My friend Lynette was driving home from school. On the way, traffic was slowed because of an accident. As the traffic drove past and picked up, she accidently hit the car in front. But that’s not the worst part. The two cars pulled over into the emergency lane and they felt it was safe enough to get out and exchanged information. A driver got impatient and swerved into the emergency lane to go faster and get ahead. It hit Lynette’s car, which pinned her between her car and the car that she had bumped into.

By the grace of God, there were two drivers who pulled over, one was a retired army officer, another an off duty paramedic. Also, they were next to the off ramp where a hospital was. But they didn’t think she would live.

She has gone through some surgeries now, and is in very critical condition, and not yet stable. Lynette has both legs broken, and a broken pelvis. In short, virtually everything from the waist down is crushed with internal bleeding.

So short of begging (because you should only beg of God), I plead with you all to pray for my friend. If you have time, I ask you to even pray a rosary for her. She and her family are in desperate need of prayers.

Please, please, please pray for her, and may the Lord bless and keep you. Thank you.


Will do.


Consider it done.


You got it!!! :gopray2:


Prayers offered up for her.


Praying here too.


Your friend and her family and you will be in my prayers


Praying for Lynette. Keep us posted please.


You’ve got it :gopray2:




:gopray2: God bless and keep Lynette. Thank you, Lord, for giving her such good friends to care for her.


Thank you all so very much! I wish I could cry for happiness!


How awful. It’s upsetting how some folks can make bad situations even worse by being impatient or thoughtless. I pray I am never the cause of someone else’s pain or suffering.

May the Lord watch over your friend and heal her wounds and comfort her family and friends.




praying for Lynette.


I sent your prayer request to the online prayer reservoir for the Carmelite Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery. And, I will offer my Evening Prayer particularly for Lynette.


I prayed for Lynette at mass today. Any update on her condition?


I keep her and her family and others in this accident in my prayer.


Prayers and tears.



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