Please please pray for me today

i have an important meeting today. For something that i have wanted always, safety. i have been unsure that this meeting is real that it could really happen, but today is the day. Please pray that i will speak well. That i speak at all, due to my usual silence in real life. Sorry right now i just can not get it together to write this thread. Please pray, He knows what for. Thank you.


I’ll pray for you.

May God bless you and keep you in his will today. I pray that all goes well with your meeting!! In Jesus name I pray… AMEN

The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say. Are you reconciled?

Christ’s peace be with you.



I will pray for you. I hope the meeting goes well.
Holy Spirit, touch the hearts and minds of those present with Chyna.
May Chyna speak Your words.
Holy Trinity, grant her wisdom and grace.


Adding my prayers. :signofcross:

Praying hard for you Chyna to be at your best!


Will keep you in prayer Chyna…

Chyna, we are still praying for you… keep us posted…God Bless!

Chyna, I’m sorry I never saw this sooner. I’m praying for you. Let me know how it went.

My prayers for you too Chyna


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