Please point me to a thread on Popular Catholic Bibles


I am sure this topic has been done to death, so I am hesitant to start a new one.

I have the Catholic NAB student edition. I am wondering if there is anything Catholic that might be better. Please point out a thread that has discussed this, or consider this as a new thread.




Here’s a thread that was started just a few hours ago. You’ll find several other threads of the same kind at the same forum, Sacred Scripture.


Search for Confraternity Bible.


The best source on the internet for information on Catholic Bibles is Tim’s (not me) Catholic Bibles’ blog.

The author of the Blog is a true scholar of scripture. You won’t find bias or polemic at his site but only unbiased objective information from someone who knows what he is talking about.



Yes, definately! I personally prefer the RSV-CE, Douay-Rheims and the Knox Version.

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