Please pray and say the rosary for me!


Hi all! For the last 5 to 6 months i have been praying for a girl to come back into my life and for her to give me a second chance at a relationship. I attend church every sunday and I just recently bought a holy rosary and have been saying the rosary twice everyday for the last 3 days. I really need your prayers. I really love this girl with all my heart and soul and would like a second chance to be with her. I ask you all to please pray a rosary for me in the morning and at night with me. Thank you all!


P.S. The girl’s name is Grace


I’m sorry, I can’t promise to say the Rosary twice daily as there will be times when I couldn’t, but I will keep you in my prayers and daily Masses. I pray that God’s will happens, and that He will heal everything that needs to be healed, and that you will have a happy life and be loved very much.


Dear Stephen,

I am sorry to hear about the conflictions you have. I am also going through a similar situation. My situation is so dire that prayers are my only resort. I believe praying the rosary will help you alot. Whilst, my practice is only to pray the rosary once a day and other prayers dedicated to Jesus and God our father. I will also think of you whenever I pray.





Thank you all for your prayers! God Bless you all! I am so glad I joined this Catholic Answers Forum. I will keep all of you in my prayers as well. Have a blessed day!



Praying for your intention.


Praying that God’s will be done in your life.


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