Please pray for 2 teens killed this weekend


Please pray for our small community- we have lost a 16 year old girl in a car accident, and a 14 year old boy committed suicide. Thank you.


I said a Hail Mary for each of them and their families. This is very sad. May God comfort you and grant your community strength.

God bless you!



Thank you. This just hits close to home, literally and figratively. I have kids the same age as these two, and my heart breaks for both of the families involved here.


Prayers for their families and community.


Am praying an All Souls chaplet


We have a 16 year old in our community who is in a coma from a car accident. When I read about it my heart stopped - I don’t know her but my own dd is 13 which isn’t far off.

Praying for your intentions and above.


I pray to the Lord for these two children.


Praying for the repose of their souls and their families…




God help their families!



May their souls and all souls through God’s Mercy ever rest in His Peace…and may The Lord comfort and console all family members and friends…


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