Please pray for a 40 year old situation


Please pray for a family situation that started with sexually inappropriate conduct by my father towards me, physically and verbally. the worst was how he and my mother forced me to cover it up, I was at a boarding school so they made it go away when I went back to school for the winter semester and then I was trapped, I had to go to a very good college that I no longer wanted to attend. After that ended, during my senior year I was in the breakdown lane and it never ended, My whole life has been a fiasco with MH treatment, suicide attempts, lies and cover-ups. In my 21 year marriage, the whole time, my ex-husband believed THEM and not me, his own life. It has been a horrible situation, We’ve been divorced for 6 years now and your prayers for his understanding seem to be working. My son has grown up in the presence of this MESS. Please pray for help for my ex-husband, my son, and me. Me family of origin is forsaken. Edit: I knew that was wrong to post that and I have already gotten into trouble for it. They have done some really bad things just in the last few days that daunt me from praying for love to prove through. Please pray for them and for relief for me.

I just want to get to my back to back meetings with my psychiatrist and psychologist tomorrow safely without further interference from THEM. I have to interact with them because I am living with them and there seems to be no recourse.


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