Please pray for a close family friend

Please join me in prayer for a close family friend, A.A., who was hospitalized last week from shocking pain throughout his upper body. We found out that he has a kidney infection and some heart damage. Please pray that our awesome and gracious Lord may extend His healing hand on him, and may our Lord be with A.A. and his family during this trying time. Amen.

The Lord is kind and merciful, and all who ask for His mercy will not be denied. I pray that your friend will find comfort and healing in the Lord, and that His grace will be with him to get through this.

May your friend be blessed with God’s healing grace and may his caretakers be guided by the Holy Spirit. I will be praying.

I’ll be praying for your friend. :gopray:



Praying for A.A.

Joining in prayer for this man’s healing.

Thank you all for your prayers! May our Lord bless you all abundantly with peace, happiness, & joy!

Our Lady of Victories please pray for AA…

Praying for A.A. and his health…


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