Please pray for a friend just diagnosed w/cancer


My friend Elba’s husband has been battling lymphoma for several years, & now just this past Friday,:frowning: **she **has been diagnosed with the same type of cancer.
She will be beginning treatment, once she consukts with her husband’s doctor…
This is almost unbelieveably hard for me to hear. She is one of those amazing people whose faith is so strong that she is a source of support & inspiration to all of us that are lucky enough to know her.
I am very worried becasue she is unable to eat much of anything even now becasue it is painful. (This is what sent her to the doctor). If she has treatment that causes her not to be able to be nourished, I fear she will be losing strength so she wouldn’t be able to keep going…

Thank you.
As always, all prayer requests here are held in my prayers. God bless.


Will do. I just lost my mother to lung cancer earlier this year, so I understand how difficult it is to watch someone dear to you struggle with such an illness.

God bless


Prayers to St Peregrine for all the cancer sufferers


Praying. :gopray:




Elba has become extremely dehydrated from the sickness caused by the chemo. She is currently in hospital, being rehydrated…
Thank you for your prayers…


Pleased to help :tiphat:

Prayers continuing :gopray2:



I know about the dehydration. Both of my parents died from cancer over 30 years ago, along with a couple members from St. Mary’s in the last few years. It’s not fun, and you have to watch for it all of the time.

May both Elba and Barbara experience miraculous remisions of their cancers and returns to health.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


When I was doing chemo , apples and Italian ice’s helped. The apples retained fluid and the ice’s sooth the mouth if she gets thrush. That all I could stomach for some time because chemo messes with your tastebuds. I’ll pray for their healing. Tim


I will pray for Elba. Funny - I know an Elba too. She doesn’t happen to work in the city and have a last name beginning with an F?

Anyway - prayers said.


Thanks to all. I spoke with her today, & she is home again, feeling better…

I will tell her! We are in apple country, so there are plenty of those around.

No, she’s a housewife. Thanks, Jen!


Praying for your friend.

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