Please pray for a friend who's baby was stillborn

Please pray for a friend who’s baby died. Her husband and children as well. Thank you.
Tenderness springs forth from you, O Theotokos, make us worthy of compassion. Look upon sinful people, reveal your power for ever as we hope in you and cry aloud: Hail! as did the Archangel Gabriel, Chief Captain of the Bodiless Powers. Amen.

[LEFT]Heal these your servants of the grief from loosing their little one, and may this little soul rejoice evermore gathered with all the angles and saints in heaven before the Throne of Grace.

In the Living Prayer of my life

I will pray for you and your friend and her family.



Will keep this family and the dear baby in prayer…


Praying for this baby and family…

Praying for this family.:byzsoc:

Praying for this family.


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