Please pray for a lost child


I have been trying to help my neice for the past 11 months. This is a girl who tries to find love with having relations with different men. She is Catholic as am I. I have been trying to show her love and show her how to find love to no avail. I am so worried that she is going to catch some awful disease if she keeps up what she is doing. I pray for her, and I say the rosary for her. She has promised to go to church with me this weekend. I want her to bring God back into her heart. I want her to search for God’s love and not the love of all of these different men. Please help me say a prayer for her. Also pray for me that I may guide her in the right way.

Thank you


I’m part of a men’s group that meet on Tuesdays and prayers the Rosary. She will be included in our intentions.


Praying for this girl, I know how it feels to need love…


Grandma Glor



She will be in my prayers.


Dear Lord - please show her the way.



Your niece is blessed to have an aunt who is praying and working so much for her well-bing and her spiritual welfare.
As your loving prayers from a distressed and caring heart are the most powerful, I say “amen” to all the prayers you offer for her.
God grant that she will accompany you to Mass this weekend, and many times. God grant that she respond to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus’ welcome and dedicate herself to God’s wishes for her life.

God bless you, Trishie


Praying for your neice. God Bless You. Peace.


Saying special prayers for your neice.


Praying for your niece & yourself.

May she know & accept the Holy Spirit’s guidance & Love for her.:signofcross:


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