Please pray for a man that I take care of


I do home care as an aside to my full time job. One of the gentlemen I take care of is rather ill with COPD, and God has graced me in being able to share my faith with him. He now wants to become a Catholic, and we started saying a rosary together four days a week. Please pray for his total conversion, and that God will keep him alive long enough to recieve the Sacraments. His name is Gary, he has a nine year old daughter who is very interested in all of this, especially the rosary. Please pray for her as well, her name is Emma.
God Bless


Prayers on the way. Faith is caught not taught, so you are doing a good job by setting a faithful example.


I’ll remember this family at Mass this morning.
God bless you for your generosity and witness. I ask Him to bring it to fruit in their lives and in the lives of others in your life.




I’m joining in all heartfelt prayers , may Lord our God reveal Himself to him , through the Holy Rosary , may Lord grant him a complete conversion and a fast recovery from all illness .
God bless and save him , through merciful intercession of Our Lady of Rosary , Amen

Hail Mary…Glory Be…Amen


He wasn’t raised with religion, and said he was in a Catholic Church long ago and it felt like home because it was peaceful. I told him it was because he was in the presence of God in the tabernacle. I went straight for the big guns, and asked if he would be open to praying the rosary, though it was awkward for him at first, he doesn’t want to miss it now. I’m still trying to get arranged to have a Priest come to his place and give him the Sacraments.


prayers for all…



Lord, I lift up to you in prayer, Gary and Emma. Two beautiful souls who are coming your way. Lord, I pray that both of them may experience your love and mercy and open their hearts to you in total conversion. I also pray for cranster, that you continue to use this member as your instrument in bringing people closer to you. In Jesus name I pray. Mother Mary, please pray for this intention.


Praying very hard for him!

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