Please pray for a new place i'm needing to rent



My landlord recently told me that he would increase my rent by $200 if I decided to stay at his home. He hardly has utilities to pay so I don’t know why he needed the increase. So I found myself a basement to rent. It’s just the right place and price…but now the deal seems a little shaky and I’m feeling desperate. Please pray that I still get that basement so I can avoid the $200 increase which is just preposterous. Please pray for me.


Hopefully you are able to keep apartment hunting to see if you can come up with another alternative besides the two you’ve already mentioned? Ask your guardian angel to lead you to where you’re supposed to live. I’ll pray for you, too.


~~ the phoenix


I pray that you’ll find a place to rent that suits your needs and budget. :gopray:


Thank you Phoenix. I had been so tense and worried for the past hours. Let me know how I can pray for you too.


Thank you Stitch. I do hope things work out. I had been so tense due to this situation. By the way, that’s a great bible quote you have from Romans or prayer and perseverance.



“Be still and know that I am God.”

Place it in His hands, He will provide for you. Take your struggles to Him at adoration.

I will offer your intention up in my holy hour today.


I am praying for your intentions today.


Prayers for you.


Prayers for you that all may unfold for you as planned and give you strength and comfort.




I will pray for you to find the right place. :gopray:


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