Please pray for a preborn baby who is not well


My good friends, a wonderful, church-going, faithful, married couple just found out something was wrong with their preborn baby. The baby was doing fine, but suddenly stopped growing and now hasn’t moved in two days. They went to the doctor today. The baby is alive, but something is wrong and prayers are much needed and appreciated. Thank you!!!

Their names are Nenad and Danijela. Danijela is 8mo pregnant now.


Praying for the family and baby and medical staff to guide them all to happiness soon.


Thank you! This would perhaps not be such an issue if there were really good medical facilities and doctors in the small town in Serbia where they live. It’s really in God’s hands as it is.


May The Lord keep this darling baby in His care with His angels to watch over it and mother, Danijela. May He give fotitude and strength to both Danijela and Nenad. Keeping the situation in prayer…Blessings - Barb


I’ll pray for the baby and the family. :crossrc:


The baby died. Keep Nenad and Danijela in your prayers, they are devastated. It was their first and they really wanted it and tried to conceive from the first day of their marriage and it wasn’t easy. Pray for the baby’s soul.

Thank you.


My prayers for Nenad and Danijela :gopray2: and Mass tomorrow for the repose of their child’s soul.




I’m so sorry. I’m praying for them.


Dear Paradoxy…Saddened to hear of the baby’s passing…A terribly sad and difficult time for Nenad and Danijela. I will keep them and all family and friends in prayer…and the little baby. Blessings - Barb


I am so sorry to hear about this. I will pray for the baby and the family.





I am praying that the baby has entered the joy of God’s kingdom and that the parents know God’s love as they work through this difficult time.


Praying for a healthy pregnancy.


I will pray for Nenad and Danijela and for their baby’s repose.


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