Please pray for a Prisoner friend


I work in a prison and my friend Kevin is in need of God’s grace and guidance. He is trying to make many changes in his life and has a tentative hold on spirituality. The same goes for many of the other inmates I work with, especially jJason, Julio, Ty, Aaron and David. Pray for them and also that people will treat them with understanding and charity. I could use these prayers, also, for my work. Thank you all for offering to pray, it means a lot to us.


I’ll include them in prayer.


I know a lot of people who have served time in prison. They are changed!! God sometimes needs to knock us to our knees to make us stop and listen to him…

O Mighty God and Father, I your humble servant pray for these men in prison. Grant them the peace of knowing you Father. Grant them understanding and change their hearts forever. I pray that their time be well spent and swift… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


iserve,I will be praying what a hard but awesome job you have,GOD bless You’ve been thinking about men in prison since my son is in jail now and soon be going to a state prison,I certainly hope he has someone like you for the needs of his soul. tend to think of some of these men like my son who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and are not violent how hard and scary this would be for them am praying for you and these men and I’m thanking GOD for you and others who take on this kind of work.:angel1:


I will be happy to pray for you and the prisoners.



May they know that God the Father brings them Peace, God the Son brings them Love, God the Holy Spirit brings them guidance. May they walk the road of grace. May the people that they meet treat them with Christ’s love, and may you dear one be always blessed.

i ask this in God the Father’s name, God the Son’s name and God the Holy Spirits name…Amen :crossrc:


I pray for Kevin, that he might have the grace and courage to change his life, and that the Holy Spirit will always guide him and show him the way towards the Lord. I also pray for those like him, that in their situation they might find God and change their lives.


Praying for you and your friends…




I am so grateful for the lovely prayers offered here. I work right on a cell block in a theraputic community within a maximum security state prison. Inmates live here for a year as they grind through changing their lives and looking back on their pasts. These are mostly men who are serving long sentences for very serious offences, and who need people’s prayers and understanding. Our program is a gift from God in a place like that, and I wear my St Michael medal every day to remind me of the dangers of evil as I work with them on their criminal thinking. I pray for those of you who also love these men, it takes the eyes of Jesus to see in them what He sees! I always pray that I will be be able to hold it in my sight until they can see it, too. :clapping::clapping::clapping:


Thank you JESUS,for the ministry,in which you serve,It must be so humbling,to do this for these men,I hope my son, is as fortunate,as the men you are able to reach.May GOD lovingly and abundantly bless you I pray in JESUS name AMEN:crossrc:


I will pray for you and the prisoners you work with.:thumbsup:


Will keep Kevin in my prayer as well as the other inmates you have mentioned…and you too for your work and safety…Blessings - Barb


God bless you and your friend.


:gopray:Praying for them.
May the Spirit grant them the freedom and peace of soul they need most.


Praying for you and the prisoners. :gopray:


In prayer …

~~ the phoenix


Kevin will see his daughter tomorrow for the first time in 9 years. He will tell her that he loves her and made a terrible mistake in not allowing her to see him. He plans to show her that he means it when he gets out. Jason, a career criminal who first had sex at 7 and shot someone at 9 has been accepted into a program after over 40 rejection letters. He will be leaving in two weeks. He wants to change.
I tell them about the power of one, and I see it through them. But I know that no work of mine is done alone. I am the product of my religious community and their prayers as much as these men are. Thank you and please keep it up.


I’m praying every night,for you and the imprisoned,as I stated my son Steven is in county jail now awaiting his sentence to a state prison,he is so afraid and its all because of drugs,will you all keep him and his three daughters,in prayer he can hardly talk to them he is so ashamed and his poor girls,Amaris his youngest is taking it the hardest,all of a sudden she doesn’t believe in GOD,she has gone through so much,and is not even doubting she said to me she doesn’t believe in a GOD, that HE has hasn’t fixed things in her life,she has prayed and GOD didn’t answer her prayers,Maria their mother has recently divorced my son and Amaris is so angry at her mother,father and GOD,I tried talking to her but she doesn’t want to listen it’s like her mind is made up I’m praying,looking for books on her reading level to give to her I haven’t had much luck.Please pray for my family,there is so much pain and anger,these poor children don’t know anything about drug addiction,Steven wanted them to go to al-a-teen but there mom said this is your dad’s problem,Thank all of you who pray in JESUS name


Keeping in daily prayer…Thank you very much for this update. No one is ever, ever, beyond redemption and resurrection in Christ from the most alarming of life situations including illness. “if you have Faith so little as a mustard seed and say to the mountain “Move!” then it shall move…whatsoever you ask of The Father in My Name it will be given to you”…God bless you and yours, Kevin and his, and also may God bless ours…Barb

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