Please pray for all families


I wanted to dedicate some of my time to pray for those families who will be separated because of the immigration raids and for the people who have to leave their families sooner or later because of the immigration problems in the US.

I know many families that will be torn apart, and it brakes my heart seeing how these people are separated when they should be together, whether they are legal or illegal, family ties are very important to people. God made families so they could be together, families are supposed to stick together.

I come from a very close family, and if for any reason a member of my family was to go away for whatever reason, we’d be torn to pieces (just as when my uncle died 3 yrs ago on 6/16, or when my brother left for the Navy 2 yrs ago).

I pray so that things can be resolved for the immigrants and that all families, for all reasons, are united and that they don’t have to go through ANY kind of separation.


Prayers for a peaceful and humane resolution for all families.


My prayers are being said…



Prayers going up for families.


I am praying.


What a lovely sentiment. Praying


Praying for all families. :signofcross:


I’m praying for families. :gopray2:




I don’t want to be political, but I will pray too, so that something is resolved at the Senate so there is a fair immigration reform that will help both the immigrants and the US.


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