Please pray for an end to our financial struggles


I have asked before, but with the passage of time things seem to get worse. Please pray for a QUICK solution for our financial situation.


Prayers for you and your family for this burden to not get you down. Prayers for your strength and courage to seek those persons to assist you on this journey. Amen.


Prayers for you :gopray2:


My prayers for you in this difficult situation :gopray:


u are in my prayers marybee


I’ll pray for you!

In the meantime, have you ever listened to any of Phil Lenahan’s talks? He’s the vice president of Catholic Answers and an expert at financial matters for the everyday family. Just follow this link and type in “Lenahan” under GUEST. you can then download and listen to all his talks for free from the CAL archieves.

It’s good wisdom that’s sure helped me a lot.




I’ll pray for you.


We’re going through the same thing right now. It’s so hard.

Let’s pray for eachother, OK. :wink:


Praying. :gopray2:


Thanks, I will:D


Praying for you, marybee.

“St. Anthony of Padua, patron of the needy,
please pray for marybee’s serious financial problems.
In Jesus’ holy name, AMEN”





I will pray for you.


You are in my prayers. I am in the same boat, and I’ll remember you.


Who isn’t in this boat…let’s pray for each other.




I know how you feel and I will keep you in my prayers. :gopray: My God give you your daily bread my friend.


Dear Marybee…Financial problems are particularly difficult to bear especially should you have a family. Will keep your situation in prayer - Blessings and with Peace…Barb



Yes we do have a family. 3 kids in fact. :o it is really difficult. More difficult than I ever anticipated.:frowning:

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